Independence Day of America: a Muslim reflection

By. Imam Shamsi Ali* 


Today, July 4th, is a very important and memorable day for all Americans. It is the day of Independence. I wish all Americans at the outset a very happy and blessed Independence Day! 

Since its Independence from England, the United States has been struggling to grow, mature, and become ever better. 

Trump wrongly diverted billions to build wall: Appeals court

KONFRONTASI-A federal appeals court on Friday ruled against the administration of United States President Donald Trump in its transfer of $2.5bn from military construction projects to build sections of the US border wall with Mexico, ruling it illegally sidestepped Congress, which gets to decide how to use the funds.

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a coalition of border states and environmental groups that contended the money transfer was unlawful and that building the wall would pose environmental threats.

Trump says will pull US troops from 'delinquent' Germany

KONFRONTASI-President Donald Trump said on Monday that he would cut the number of US troops in Germany to 25,000, claiming the country had failed to meet NATO's defence spending target and accusing it of taking advantage of the United States on trade.

The reduction of about 9,500 troops would be a remarkable rebuke to one of the US's closest allies and trading partners and undermine a pillar of post-war European security: that US forces would help defend alliance members against Russian aggression.

Minneapolis city council pledges to disband police; Trump lashes out at NFL

KONFRONTASI-Minneapolis city council members pledged to abolish the police force whose officer knelt on the neck of a dying George Floyd, as the biggest civil rights protests in more than 50 years demanded a transformation of U.S. criminal justice.

Demonstrations have swept a country slowly emerging from the coronavirus lockdown in the two weeks since Floyd, an unarmed black man, 46, died after choking out the words “I can’t breathe” under the knee of a white police officer.

Terimakasih Sahabat atas supportnya terkait proses renovasi dan pembangunan Pondok Pesantren Nur Inka Nusantara Madani di USA

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuh.

Yth. Sahabat Nusantara.
Alhamdulillaah, puji dan syukur kami haturkan kehadirat Allah SWT atas limpahan rahmat dan karunia yang tak pernah putus. Shalawat dan salam bagi Rasulullah Muhammad SAW.

Semoga keberkahan senantiasa menaungi Sahabat dalam keadaan sehat wal afiat, bahagia lahir bathin dan dimudahkan segala urusan. Aamiin.

U.S. suspending visa services worldwide due to coronavirus

KONFRONTASI-The United States is suspending all routine visa services as of Wednesday in most countries worldwide due to the coronavirus outbreak, a spokeswoman for the State Department said, an unprecedented move that will potentially impact hundreds of thousands of people.

The Department did not say which or how many countries are halting services but U.S. missions in more than half a dozen countries including South Korea, South Africa, Germany and Spain on their web sites announced that they were either stopping or significantly reducing services.

Trump says he will invoke wartime act to fight 'enemy' coronavirus

KONFRONTASI- U.S. President Donald Trump moved on Wednesday to accelerate production of desperately needed medical equipment to battle the coronavirus pandemic and said an estimate that U.S. unemployment could conceivably reach 20 percent was a worst case scenario.

Scrambling to address the virus after initially playing it down, Trump said he is invoking the Defense Production Act, putting in place a law that will allow the U.S. government to speed production of masks, respirators, ventilators and other needed equipment.

House Judiciary hearing sets stage for Trump impeachment charges

KONFRONTASI-Pushing ahead with articles of impeachment, the House Judiciary Committee convenes on Monday to formally receive the investigative findings against President Donald Trump as the White House and its allies launch an aggressive attack on Democrats and the proceedings.

Chairman Jerrold Nadler expects the committee to vote soon, possibly this week, on at least two or more charges against the Republican president.

Democrats say Trump's push to have Ukraine investigate rival Joe Biden while at the same time withholding US military aid ran counter to US policy and benefitted Russia. It could result in impeachment charges of abuse of power, bribery and obstruction.

"The central allegation is that the president put himself above his country several times, that he sought foreign interference in our elections several times, both for 2016 and 2020, that he sought to cover it up," Nadler said.

"All this presents a pattern that poses a real and present danger to the integrity of the next election, which is one reason why we can't just wait for the next election to settle matters," he said.

Pivotal week

The hearing sets off a pivotal week as Democrats march towards a full House vote expected by Christmas. In drafting the articles of impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing a legal and political challenge of balancing the views of her majority while hitting the constitution's bar of "treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanours".

Trump and his allies acknowledge he will likely be impeached in the Democratic-controlled House, but they also expect acquittal next year in the Senate, where Republicans have the majority. Trump's team is turning its attention elsewhere, including Monday's release of a long-awaited Justice Department report into the 2016 Russia investigation.

"Impeachment Hearing Hoax," Trump tweeted on Sunday.

The White House is refusing to participate in the process it calls a sham and the top Republican on the panel, Representative Doug Collins of Georgia asked to postpone the hearing, criticising Democrats for moving too swiftly. One legal scholar testified last week it would be the quickest impeachment in modern history.

"This is just how desperately they are - desperately focused on impeaching this president," said Collins, who accused Democrats of unleashing thousands of pages of documents his side has no time to review before the session. "This is a show. This is a farce. This is whatever you want to call it. The American people are having their tax dollars wasted on this impeachment of this president."

Trump tweeted on Sunday, "IG report out tomorrow. That will be the big story!"Trump is heading out for campaign rallies, shifting attention from the House. Over the weekend, the president focused on a related matter, the Justice Department inspector general's findings into the FBI's decisions to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election. The president has long called special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe a "witch-hunt," but the inspector general's report is expected to reject the president's claim that it was illegitimate, according to people familiar with its findings.

Trump grants pardons to Army officers in war crimes cases

KONFRONTASI-US President Donald Trump on Friday pardoned two Army officers accused of war crimes in Afghanistan and restored the rank of a Navy SEAL platoon commander who was demoted for actions in Iraq, a move critics have said would undermine military justice and send a message that battlefield atrocities will be tolerated.