9 April 2020

peace talks

Syria talks resume in Astana after rocky start

KONFRONTASI-Talks between the Syrian government and rebel groups in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana, have entered a second day after a tough start that saw the two sides trading accusations and refusing to meet face-to-face.

The meeting, organised by Russia and Turkey, is aimed at strengthening a nationwide ceasefire that has largely held despite pockets of violence across the country, and paving the way towards United Nations-led political negotiations in Geneva on February 8.

Syria's warring sides kick off talks in Astana

KONFRONTASI-A delegation of Syrian rebels attending a new round of talks in Kazakhstan's capital will not hold direct talks with representatives of the government, according to opposition sources.

The meetings in Astana, organised by Russia and Turkey, are aimed at strengthening a shaky ceasefire that has largely held despite incidents of violence across Syria.

Afghanistan peace talks held in Pakistan

KONFRONTASI-Talks aimed at kickstarting negotiations for a final peace settlement in Afghanistan have taken place in Pakistan, emphasising the need for a dialogue between the government and the Taliban.

Monday's meeting - which also included the governments of the US and China - sought to revive the process that collapsed last summer after Afghanistan announced that Mullah Mohammad Omar, founder and leader of the Taliban, had died in a Pakistani hospital more than two years ago.