King Salman

Saudi king says Riyadh working to keep Syria as unified nation

KONFRONTASI-Saudi Arabia's King Salman said his government was striving to maintain Syria as a unified nation inclusive of all sects, according to the Twitter account of the Saudi Shura Council on Wednesday.

The king also blamed the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the rise of militant groups in the region, saying terrorist organizations would not find fertile ground without the Syrian government's policies, the council said.

Saudi king vows to punish those behind suicide attack

KONFRONTASI-Saudi Arabia's King Salman said on Sunday he was heartbroken over a suicide bombing that killed 21 people in eastern Saudi Arabia, saying anyone linked to the attack or who sympathises with it will be brought to justice, state news agency reported.

"We were pained by the enormity of the crime of this terrorist aggression which contradicts Islamic and humanitarian values," the king said in a message to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who is also the interior minister.

Obama speaks to Saudi king, White House plans Camp David statement

KONFRONTASI-President Barack Obama spoke to Saudi Arabia's King Salman on Monday about preparations for the summit with Gulf leaders at Camp David this week, and the White House said the summit would result in a statement outlining commitments from all sides.

The meeting would include an announcement on integrating ballistic missile defense architecture as well as more military exercises to address maritime, counterterrorism, air and missile defense challenges, U.S. officials told reporters on a conference call.

Obama phones King Salman to discuss Saudi war on Yemen

KONFRONTASI - US President Barack Obama has called Saudi Arabian King Salman to discuss the kingdom’s military offensive against neighboring Yemen, the White House says.

According to the White House statement, Obama and Salman both agreed during their telephone conversation on Friday that there is an urgent need to find a political solution to achieve stability in Yemen.

In addition, the US president and the Saudi king talked about the importance of responding to the humanitarian needs of the people of Yemen.