Ibaraki couple stabbed to death in their sleep, 2 children injured

Police on Sept. 24 continue searching for clues into the stabbing deaths of a married couple at their house in Sakai, Ibaraki Prefecture. (Kazuyoshi Sako)


KONFRONTASI ---A couple were fatally stabbed and two of their children injured by a home intruder who attacked the family members while they slept, police said Sept. 23.

Old woman in Quezon severely injured after getting bitten by dogs

KONFRONTASI -    An old woman named Natividad Pujares was severely wounded and unconscious after being bitten by several dogs in Quezon.
In a GMA News report, the 70-year-old woman was brought to the hospital to get her anti rabies vaccine. 
The woman said that she came from Camarines Sur, but she cannot recall how and why she was in Quezon. 
More two dogs have attacked her, but she could no longer remember what triggered the attack.