President Widodo's infrastructure success has defined his Presidency. But will the pandemic expose the flaws in his Model?

KONFRONTASI- When Indonesian President Joko Widodo decided last year to pursue outlandish plans to build a new capital city in far-flung Kalimantan, advisers shook their heads in despair. But they were not surprised.

"Jokowi doesn't like analysis; he likes action and decisions," one official told me, using the president's universal nickname. "There was no proper analysis of which infrastructure projects would boost growth and productivity the most. Instead, he just pushed projects depending on where he was visiting."

Indonesia Needs $500 Billion Spent on Infrastructure, Said Jim Yong Kim


KONFRONTASI -    Indonesia needs to spend $500 billion in the next five years on infrastructure development, World Bank Group president Jim Yong Kim said on Tuesday (25/07).

The country's challenging geography leaves many without access to electricity, running water and paved roads.

Also, as Indonesia's population is growing even faster than China's and India's, the existing infrastructure becomes overloaded.