Immigration officials deport Indonesian domestic worker who covered Hong Kong protests as a citizen journalist and was arrested for overstay

KONFRONTASI -  An Indonesian domestic worker who covered Hong Kong’s protests as a citizen journalist was deported on Monday following her arrest for overstaying her visa in September.

Supporters of Yuli Riswati, 39, accused the government of sending her home for reporting on the social unrest for the not-for-profit Indonesian online news outlet, Migran Pos, that she had launched in March.

Trump calls court disapproval of his immigration order 'disgraceful'

KONFRONTASI - US President Donald Trump has called a federal appeals court's ruling against his travel ban "disgraceful," after vowing to "see you in court." 

On Friday morning, Trump took another jab at the San Francisco-based Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit that ruled against reinstating his order barring entry of people and refugees from several Muslim-majority nations.

Rand Paul urges Congress to take Obama to court over immigration

KONFRONTASI - Republican Senator Rand Paul has called on Congress to take legal action against US President Barack Obama should he consider his executive action on immigration.

“We should take him to court,” Paul said on Wednesday.

“Our founders were very clear... [in] the Constitution that the Congress writes the law,” he added.

“The president himself has admitted as many as 15 times, saying he’s not a king, he’s not an emperor and he can’t write the law. So really, the media needs to be asking him why he’s changed his mind now.”

Republicans mulling over US government shutdown over immigration

KONFRONTASI - A high-ranking Senate Republican leader says a government shutdown would be possible should President Barack Obama take any executive action on immigration policy.

John Thune, who chairs the Senate Republican Conference, said the party helped open the possibility to shut down the government in a bid to prevent any move that would allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the United States.