Hong Kong

Ketika Hong Kong Menolak China

Hongkong dilanda demo besar besaran yang menolak RUU Ekstradisi ke China bagi warga yang diduga melakukan tindak pidana dan diadili di China. Mereka mempermasalahkan tranparansi sistem hukum Tiongkok. Sangat khawatir terhadap perlakuan hukum "pidana politik" yang berbeda dengan sistem hukum Hongkong yang meski bagian dari China akan tetapi berstatus semi otonom. Mereka menuntut Kepala Eksekutif Hongkong Carrie Lam untuk turun karena mendukung RUU Ekstradisi tersebut.

Hong Kong clashes erupt after protesters storm legislature

KONFRONTASI-Riot police fired tear gas, water cannon, and pepper spray after thousands of protesters surrounded the legislature and forced a delay in a debate over a controversial extradition bill.

What was a relatively peaceful demonstration erupted on Wednesday at about 3:30pm local time (07:00 GMT) as hundreds of protesters tried to storm the legislative council complex, prompting police to retaliate. 

China lashes out at US for ‘irresponsible’ comments on Hong Kong

KONFRONTASI - China has denounced as “irresponsible and erroneous” the US comments about a proposed amendment to a Hong Kong law that would allow suspects to be sent to mainland China to face trial.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang made the remarks during a press briefing in Beijing on Tuesday and called on the United States to stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs.

“We demand that the US side…be cautious and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs in any form,” Geng said.

China Penjarakan Empat Aktivis Pro Demokrasi Hong Kong

KONFRONTASI-Pengadilan China memvonis empat aktivis Hong Kong dengan hukuman 16 bulan penjara atas peran mereka dalam demonstrasi prodemokrasi yang dikenal dengan “Gerakan Payung” (Umbrella Movement).

Keempat aktivis tersebut merupakan bagian dari sembilan aktivis yang dinyatakan bersalah awal bulan ini atas keterlibatan mereka dalam Gerakan Payung. Empat aktivis lainnya menerima hukuman percobaan pada Rabu, sementara hukuman bagi seorang lainnya ditunda hingga Juni.

Saudi sisters trapped in Hong Kong fear deportation

KONFRONTASI-Two Saudi sisters trapped in Hong Kong say chronic physical abuse by male family members prompted them to flee the kingdom, to which they now fear they will be forcibly returned.

The siblings' flight is the latest instance of Saudi women attempting to escape from the ultra-conservative kingdom, only to find themselves dodging officials and angry family members at every turn, as Saudi Arabia battles criticism of its human rights record.

The young women, age 20 and 18, found themselves marooned after Saudi consular officials allegedly intercepted them during a stopover at the city's airport and later, revoked their passports.

The pair, who have adopted the aliases Reem and Rawan, described a deeply unhappy upbringing in a middle-class Riyadh household.

They claim they were beaten by their father when they were young, and by their brothers when they got older, for minute transgressions, such as waking up late for prayer.

"They started to beat me ... my father didn't really stop them. He thinks that this is what makes them men," Reem told the AFP news agency.

Even their 10-year-old brother participated and began to police the way they dressed, they say, chiding them for removing their niqabs when dining out.

"He was only a child, but he learned this from his brothers and from his father and from all the men around him, that this is the good way to be a man and to deal with women," Reem said.

They decided to bolt for freedom during a family holiday overseas, when their passports would be kept in their parents' bag instead of a safe and when they would not need permission from a male guardian to travel abroad.

They started planning for the trip two years ago to coincide with Rawan's 18th birthday, so that she could apply for a visitor's visa to Australia on her own.

The opportunity arrived last September, when the family travelled to Sri Lanka for vacation. While their parents were sleeping, the sisters retrieved their passports and boarded a flight from Colombo to Hong Kong.

But trouble awaited them at the other end. They claim they were obstructed by several unknown men at the city's airport, including one who tried to trick them into boarding a plane back to Riyadh.

They said their flight booking to Melbourne had been cancelled and later learned the man was Saudi Arabia's consul general in Hong Kong.

Movements tracked

The sisters suspect their father tracked their movements using Absher, a controversial mobile app that operates as a portal to Saudi government services but also allows men to keep tabs on female relatives.

Critics say the app enables abuse against women, with US Senator Ron Wyden urging Google and Apple to remove it from their smartphones.

The sisters say their passport information was stored in the app and may have been used by their parents to track down the flights they booked.

They also believe their uncle may have helped mobilise consular officials through his government connections. Fearing they were about to be "forcibly abducted", the sisters entered Hong Kong as visitors.

The pair have lived in hiding in Hong Kong for nearly six months since and have changed locations 13 times for fear of their safety - hotels, hostels, private homes, and even a boat one night, they say.

They also claim police attempted to take them to meet male relatives and Saudi officials.

Hong Kong's security minister John Lee said Friday that "police have received two separate reports, one regarding missing person[s] and one regarding request for investigation".

He declined to elaborate further. Immigration authorities said they would "not comment on individual cases". The sisters' concerns deepened after their lawyer told them that their passports had been revoked in November, leaving them stateless.

The Saudi consulate in Hong Kong did not respond to requests for comment. But the sisters say they are fearful of being returned to Saudi Arabia and facing their family's wrath.

"Either we will be killed because they want to clear [the] shame we brought as women who left by their own, or they will force us to marry... our cousins", said Reem.

They say they have renounced Islam and fear the death penalty if they return home. Apostasy or blasphemy is punishable with jail or death sentences in some Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Kaki Terinjak Anak Kecil, Perempuan Mabuk Bikin Onar di Kabin Garuda

Konfrontasi - Seorang wanita terpaksa diturunkan oleh Maskapai Garuda Indonesia karena berbuat onar saat pesawat GA 863 Rute Hong Kong- Jakarta hendak berangkat pada Kamis 27 Desember lalu. Rupanya perempuan yang belum diketahui identitasnya tersebut dalam kondisi pengaruh minuman alkohol.

Wilayah Hong Kong Dilanda Badai Topan, Ini Pesan Menaker Hanif kepada PMI

KONFRONTASI - Hong Kong sedang dilanda badai topan yang berbahaya dan memiliki daya rusak tinggi. Kita di Indonesia sangat prihatin dan terus berdoa agar para pekerja migran Indonesia (PMI) di Hongkong serta semua yang di sana aman dan selamat.

Saya berpesan agar teman-teman WNI/PMI di Hong Kong tetap tenang, tetap berhati-hati, dan terus waspada terhadap bahaya badai topan dengan kecepatan 240 km/jam itu. Kita juga minta teman-teman WNI/PMI di Hong Kong untuk memperhatikan dan melaksanakan instruksi dari pemerintah Hong Kong agar terhindar dari bahaya.

Dicengkeram China, Hong Kong Terus Bergolak

KONFRONTASI-Hong Kong, Selasa, memulai proses yang dapat mengarah kepada pelarangan atas kelompok atau organisasi yang mempromosikan pemisahan dari China.

Hal itu langkah pertama sejak kembalinya bekas koloni Inggris itu ke kekuasaan China pada 1997 yang telah diusahakan untuk melarang organisasi politik.

Langkah terhadap Partai Nasional Hong Kong itu muncul pada saat pihak berwenang telah melakukan tekanan atas para pegiat demokrasi muda, beberapa di antaranya telah dijebloskan ke dalam penjara, dan mengecam aksi pro kemerdekaan sebagai tantangan ilegal bagi penguasa Partai Komunis di Beijing.

Biro Keamanan menulis sepucuk surat kepada pendiri partai itu, Andy Chan, memberitahu dia punya waktu 21 hari "untuk membuat pernyataan secara tertulis" mengapa partainya tak seharussya dilarang, demikian halaman sosial media partai tersebut, yang memasang surat itu.

Sekretaris bagi Keamanan, John Lee, mengatakan, ia tak melarang kelompok itu dan bahwa ia hanya dapat melakukan hal tersebut setelah memberinya waktu untuk menyerahkan tanggapannya.

"Ya di Hong Kong kami punya kebebasan berkumpul, tetapi hak itu bukan tanpa pembatasan," kata Lee kepada wartawan.

Hongkong diperintah di bawah satu prinsip "satu negara, dua sistem" yang menjanjikannya tingkat otonomi tinggi dan kebebasan tak dinikmati di China, seperti kebebasan berbicara dan kebebasan berkumpul.

Tapi cengkeraman ketat China atas pusat finansial itu telah menyulut ketegangan termasuk gerakan "Duduki Pusat" 2014 yang menghalangi jalan-jalan utama hampir selama tiga bulan dalam usaha gagal menekan Beijing untuk mengizinkan demokrasi penuh.

Lee tidak akan memeberikan rincian menegenai kelompok apa yang telah memicu kemungkinan pelarangan diberlakukan, kendati dia mengutip Ordinansi Kemasyarakatan Hong Kong yang menyatakan, kelompok dapat dilarang berdasarkan hukum yang berlaku "demi kepentingan keamanan nasional atau keselamatan publik, ketertiban umum atau perlindungan hak-hak dan kebebasan yang lain".

"Keamanan nasional" didefinisikan secara khusus sebagai "menjaga integritas teritorial dan kemerdekaan Republik Rakyat China".