Hong Kong

Hong Kong police use pepper-spray on protesters

KONFRONTASI - Police in Hong Kong have used pepper-spray to stop protesters from blocking a major road near the office of the city’s leader.

Protesters rushed onto Lung Wo road next to the office of regional leader Leung Chun-ying early on Thursday, trying to move barricades and block the road.

Clashes broke out when the demonstrators, protesting an election law, scuffled with a number of police officers on the side of the road. Police then used pepper spray to disperse the protesters and arrested dozens of them.

Demonstran Kembali Bentrok dengan Polisi Hong Kong

KONFRONTASI - Polisi Hng Kong menangkap dua orang Kamis dini hari karena banyaknya orang yang kembali ke jalan untuk mengekspresikan kemarahan mereka atas rekaman video yang menunjukkan sekelompok polisi memukuli pemrotes.

Sesaat sebelum tengah malam, sekelompok pengunjuk rasa berusaha untuk menduduki kembali Lung Wo Road di Admiralty, namun dihentikan oleh polisi.

Kelompok lain berkumpul di dekat Balai Kota tempat mereka berusaha untuk memperlambat lalu lintas dengan berpura-pura mengikat tali sepatu dan mengambil koin yang sengaja mereka jatuhkan.

Hong Kong police surround sit-in as clashes rage on

KONFRONTASI - The Hong Kong police forces have surrounded a small sit-in on Wednesday to prevent it from spreading as demonstrations have again flared up in the Asian financial hub.

The recent development comes after the clashes between protesters and Hong Kong police forces have intensified in the previous days.

Though the demonstrations had subsided last week, thousands of protesters took again to the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday after negotiations between protest leaders and the government failed to deliver any concrete results.

Demonstran Hong Kong Kembali Bentrok dengan Polisi, Puluhan Orang Ditangkap

KONFRONTASI - Demonstran pro-demokrasi di Hong Kong kembali bentro dengan polisi. Sedikitnya 45 orang ditangkap dalam bentrokan yang diwarnai kekerasan ini. Seperti dilansir AFP, Rabu (15/10/2014), bentrokan terjadi ketika polisi melakukan operasi pembersihan barikade di sejumlah lokasi unjuk rasa. Demonstran melakukan perlawanan ketika polisi membersihkan ruas jalan Lung Wo Road, dekat kantor pusat pemerintahan.

Hong Kong Democratic Party website hack put visitors at risk, says researcher

HONG KONG-  The website of the Hong Kong Democratic Party (DPHK) has had seemingly malicious code running on it for a month, meaning visitors could have been compromised in turn, says a security expert.A pro-democracy protester leans against a street divider covered with yellow ribbons as part of protests which have been supported by the Hong Kong Democratic Party.

Hong Kong police remove more barricades

KONFRONTASI - Police in Hong Kong have removed barricades at a second protest site a day after similar action at another location.

On Tuesday, some 150 police officers took away the metal barricades in the bustling Causeway Bay shopping district.

Protesters said police officers had told them that they would be allowed to stay but needed to vacate one of the main roads they were occupying.

The police stated that their aim was not to clear away the demonstrators but to reduce the possibility of traffic accidents.

Wali Kota Makssar Belajar Keamanan Kota ke Hongkong

KONFRONTASI - Guna belajar sistem pengamanan kota, Wali Kota Makassar Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto bersama Kapolrestabes Makassar Kombes Pol Ferry Abraham bertolak ke Hongkong.

"Wali kota bersama Kapolrestabes berangkat ke Hongkong itu, hari Senin dan dijadwalkan kembali ke tanah air, Kamis malam," ujar Kepala Sub Bagian Pemberitaan, Humas Pemkot Makassar, Muhammad Hamzah di Makassar, Senin (13/10).

Clashes erupt at Hong Kong protest camp

KONFRONTASI - The police in Hong Kong have begun the removal of street barricades set up by anti-election law protesters who have been rallying in several districts of the city for the past two weeks.

Police authorities said on Monday that they aim to clear blockages to traffic rather than bring an end to the protest rallies.

Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’ and Secessionist Politics in China

It is now necessary to look at the ‘Umbrella Revolution’ in a larger geopolitical perspective to best understand how it fits into the larger picture of US grand strategy for Eurasia. In short, the US is attempting to ‘rain on China’s parade’ of global ascendancy by hijacking and sabotaging it via whichever means possible, including internal subversion and the festering of violent and secessionist tendencies. Finally, important attention must be paid to how the Chinese authorities are dealing with the conundrum between capitulation and escalation

Hong Kong protesters regroup after government rejects talks

KONFRONTASI-Hundreds of protesters regrouped in central Hong Kong on Friday to push their call for democracy, a day after the government called off talks with students amid a two-week standoff that has shaken communist China's capitalist hub.

Scores arrived with tents, suggesting they were in for the long haul despite a call by police to remove obstacles that have blocked major roads in and out of the financial centre, causing traffic and commuter chaos with tail-backs stretching for miles.

Police said they would take action at an appropriate time, without specifying what.