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TKW Indonesia Dimutilasi Pria Hong Kong

Konfrontasi – Nasib tragis menimpa seorang Tenaga Kerja Wanita (TKW) asal Indonesia. Sumarti Ningsih ditemukan tewas dalam koper oleh Polisi Hong Kong.

Pihak kepolisian Hong Kong menyatakan Sumarti dihabisi oleh Rurik Jutting di apartemen mewah wilayah Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Jutting membunuh dua wanita yang diketahui sebagai pekerja tuna susila. Kedua korban mati  tanpa busana dengan luka di leher.

About The students from Hong Kong who daren't voice open support for Occupy

For Leo, one of about 5,000 Hongkongers studying at Jinan University in Guangzhou, the democracy movement feels achingly distant but its effects ripple through his daily campus life, widening the gulf with mainland students.

Leo often travels home on weekends to visit his family and has seen the street skirmishes up close.

He strongly supports the protest but, back on campus on weekdays, he's careful about how he shows his interest. He shares photos about the movement with mainland friends but they express little interest, he says.

Hong Kong police arrest 8 anti-election law protestors

KONFRONTASI - The police of Hong Kong say security forces have detained eight anti-election law protesters in a commercial district of the city as demonstrations in the region gain momentum.

Police said in a statement that the detainees, including seven men and a woman, were arrested during late Wednesday clashes with security forces in a key protest site in the Mong Kok district.

The detainees were involved in 13 cases including common assault, possession of weapons and disorderly conduct in public places, the statement added.

Dialog Gagal, Hong Kong Kembali Bergolak

KONFRONTASI - Setelah pembicaraan antara pemimpin mahasiswa dan pejabat senior gagal memecah kebuntuan, demonstran Hong Kong merencanakan pawai ke rumah pemimpin yang didukung oleh Beijing untuk menuntut demokrasi yang lebih luas pada Rabu.

Para pengunjuk rasa telah menduduki jalan-jalan utama kota yang dikendalikan oleh Tiongkok selama hampir satu bulan guna menentang rencana pemerintah pusat, yang akan memberikan kesempatan kepada rakyat Hongkong memilih pemimpin mereka sendiri pada 2017 namun hanya meloloskan kandidat pro-Beijing.

Hong Kong protesters, government to begin negotiations

KONFRONTASI - Protest leaders in Hong Kong are to sit down for talks with the local government amid continuing demonstrations against an election law.

The negotiations will begin at 6:00 p.m. local time (1000 GMT) on Tuesday and will be broadcast live.

Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam will represent the local government in the talks with protest leaders.

Pasca Bentrok Akhir Pekan, Krisis Hong Kong Semakin Memburuk

Konfrontasi - Kebuntuan mencengkeram Hong Kong pada Senin (20/10) ketika unjuk rasa pro-demokrasi memasuki pekan keempat dengan pemerintah membatasi pilihan untuk mengakhiri krisis dan para demonstran makin ingin menghadapi polisi.

Puluhan orang terluka, termasuk 22 polisi, dalam bentrok dua malam pada akhir pekan di daerah Mong Kok yang dikendalikan Tiongkok menurut laporan media. Empat orang ditangkap karena penyerangan pada Minggu (19/10), kata polisi.

Daerah itu tenang pada Senin meski para pemrotes masih ada di jalanan.

Hong Kong crisis deepens after weekend clashes

KONFRONTASI-A deepening sense of impasse gripped Hong Kong as pro-democracy protests entered their fourth week, with the government having limited options to end the crisis and demonstrators increasingly willing to confront police.

Dozens of people were reportedly injured in two nights of clashes that began late on Friday in the densely populated Mong Kok district of the Chinese-controlled city, including 22 police. Four people were arrested early on Sunday, police said.

The area was calm early on Monday, although scores of protesters remained on the streets.

About Hong Kong’s Endless Road to Democracy

HONG KONG - There has been considerable confusion and deliberate misinformation on the role of the British colonials and the Chinese on universal suffrage in the 172 years since Hong Kong was founded. Neither comes out especially clean. We present this political history of the territory as a service for our readers to foster understanding of the unfolding Occupy Central crisis.

Hong Kong’s Future: In Beijing Communist’s Hands

HONG KONG -Will it hammer the doors shut or seek to regain some credibility?

With hundreds of police – sans helmets and tear gas – having moved in to clear Occupy demonstrators in the crowded Mongkok district of Hong Kong, the protest may be reaching a temporary denouement, from fatigue on both sides if nothing else.

The students have agreed to pull back and the government has agreed to talk to them. That doesn’t mean there won’t be additional friction, but it’s a start.

Police clear key protest site in Hong Kong

KONFRONTASI - Hong Kong police have descended on anti-election law protesters, removing barricades from an occupied key district.

In an operation early Friday, hundreds of anti-riot officers took down barricades, tents and canopies in the busy district of Mong Kok.

The operation, which is the third in recent days, came shortly after Hong Kong regional leader, Leung Chun-ying, expressed the government’s readiness to talks with protesters, who demanded his ouster as well as the revocation of a new election law.