Bloomberg: Investigation Finds Indonesia’s Election Commission Violated Vote Procedures. The Mistakes supported allegations of election Fraud

BLOOMBERG- An investigation found that Indonesia’s election commission violated official procedures when tallying votes during the country’s presidential election.Prabowo’s team said the mistakes supported allegations of election fraud

Indonesia’s election supervisory agency, known as Bawaslu, said Thursday that the election commission incorrectly entered vote data during the count. It didn’t release further details, including how many errors were made and what impact they may have had on the final tally.

Indonesia: Democracy is the Loser, for Now

1.    Electoral frand is perhaps the greatest effrontery to a nation’s democray and there are no winners. Once the facts are uncovered, a leader that takes power in a fraudulent election is deemed illegitimate by the people an hence loses his ability to unstable and unsustainable situation. From those who have had votes stolen from them, not only politicians lose-so do the voters. Their right to have their votes counted has been taken away.

Post-2019 Presidential Election, Indonesia still has to face a commotion that never ends.

Post-2019 Presidential Election, Indonesia still has to face a commotion that never ends. Starting from the electoral fraud debate, the quick count paid by one party, to the people power narrative, became the main headline for domestic news. The commotion increased after Monday, coinciding with May Day, the Islamic “Itjima Ulama” forum attended by opposition leader Prabowo Subianto.

Election Cheating is Damaging Democracy, The Indonesian People Refuse 2019 Election Fraud

Election Cheating is Damaging Democracy.

(The People's Command to Refuse of Election Fraud Statement.)

1. The 2019 General Election, from planning, preparation, implementation, to vote counting, in the election of the President and Vice President, Legislative (DPR), Regional Representative Council (DPD), we conclude that 2019 Indonesia's elections are the worst democracy, insulting , five basic principles of the Indonesian people (Pancasila) and betraying people's sovereignty.

Russia’s presidential election begins

KONFRONTASI - Russians are casting their ballots in a presidential election that is expected to hand incumbent Vladimir Putin a resounding victory and a fourth term in office.

Polls opened at 8 a.m. local time (2000 GMT) in Russia’s far eastern regions on Saturday and will close in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad at 2 p.m. (1800 GMT) on Sunday.

Google unveils French version of Protect Your Election

KONFRONTASI - American tech company Google has released a set of tools it says are designed to protect elections globally.

Jigsaw, which is run by Google's parent company Alphabet, has been distributing the free suite, whose French version was released on Tuesday, more than a month before the first round of presidential elections in the European country.

Company officials maintain that the suite aims at protecting “free expression.”

Taiwanese go to polls to elect new president

KONFRONTASI-Voting is under way in Taiwan with polls showing that the island is expected to elect its first female president, who might dynamically change the course of Taiwan's relations with China.

Voters are uneasy about warming relations with Beijing and, as the economy stagnates, many are frustrated that trade pacts signed with China have failed to benefit ordinary Taiwanese.

Attackers burn election material in Burundi

KONFRONTASI - Attackers in Burundi have set fire to a building that stored election material following weeks of violence over President Pierre Nkurunziza’s controversial bid to run for a third term in office.

Burundi’s national electoral commission officials said on Saturday that the attack took place in the northeastern district of Ntega, which is located some 200 kilometers from the capital, Bujumbura.

Meanwhile, local governor Reverien Nzigamasabo has also confirmed that a group of young people set ballot boxes on fire in the troubled region.

US Senator McCain will run for reelection, seeks 6th term

KONFRONTASI - Republican Senator John McCain has announced to run for his sixth term in 2016 in the United States Senate.

"I'm ready. I am more than ready. In some ways, I am eager,” the 2008 Republican presidential nominee and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee told NBC News in an interview posted late Monday night.

“I think I have the knowledge and background to help the nation through very perilous times and I believe that I can still contribute in many ways to the welfare and benefit of my state,” the 78-year-old said.