29 January 2020


Philippines halts anti-drugs crackdown to focus on rogue officers

KONFRONTASI - The Philippines’ law enforcement agency has put a stop to its anti-narcotics campaign until its ranks have been cleansed of rogue officers.

“To all the rogue cops, beware! We no longer have a war on drugs. We now have a war on scalawags,” the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s Director-General Ronald dela Rosa told a news conference on Sunday.

Indonesia executes drug smugglers by firing squad

KONFRONTASI-Indonesia has executed eight out of nine drug convicts by firing squad despite last-ditch appeals by Australia's foreign minister for a stay of execution so that claims of corruption during the trials of two Australian prisoners could be investigated.

The executions were carried out after midnight (17:30 GMT) at Besi prison on Nusakambangan Island on Tuesday, after the inmates were given 72-hours notice.

Ebola mutations over time may thwart drugs: Study

KONFRONTASI - Genetic mutations in the Ebola virus have posed obstacles to pharmaceutical companies developing experimental drugs to combat the disease, researchers say.

Since viruses naturally mutate over time, drugs meant to target the infectious agent, Ebola, may not work on newer generations, which have shown genetic variances in the past four decades, researchers noted in a study published in mBio journal on Tuesday.

AS Frustasi Hadapi Pasar Ganja Afghanistan

Konfrontasi – Konflik politik dan perang selama hampir satu dekade tidak berdampak signifikan bagi produksi ganja di Afghanistan. Produksi ganja Afghanistan mencatat rekor tertinggi selama 2013.

Pemerintah Amerika Serikat melalui tim SIGAR melaporkan program pemusnahan opium telah gagal. Pasalnya, sejumlah daerah kembali mmenanam opium setelah dibasmi beberapa tahun lalu. AS tercatat menggelontorkan biaya US$7 miliar untuk membasmi ganja di Afghanistan.