Carrie Lam

Hong Kong’s leader reaffirms new law would not harm rights, freedoms

KONFRONTASI - Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam has reiterated that the new national security law proposed by Beijing would not affect rights and freedoms in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory, amid a wave of protests over the bill.

Lam said during a regular news conference on Tuesday that the bill would not have to raise concern.

Hong Kong’s leader to open public dialog next week

KONFRONTASI - Hong Kong’s leader says she will open direct dialog with protesters next week in an attempt to address social discontent, following some three months of unrest in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that she would engage directly with her governing team in a public dialog with the protesters, adding that the first session of the talks would be held next week.

She also said that the sessions would be as open as possible, with members of the public being able to sign up to attend.

Hong Kong leader urges dialog after bill’s withdrawal

KONFRONTASI - Hong Kong’s chief executive has renewed her call for protests to end, a day after she formally withdrew a proposed bill that had stirred controversy.

Carrie Lam announced in a pre-recorded televised message on Wednesday that she was scrapping the unpopular extradition law, which had triggered three months of rallies by millions of people in the fanatical hub.

Lam said the bill would be withdrawn at the next session of the city’s Legislative Council, scheduled for next month.

Carrie Lam Terpilih Jadi Pemimpin Baru & Perempuan Pertama Hong Kong

KONFRONTASI -  Carrie Lam terpilih menjadi pemimpin baru Hong Kong, dan menjadi perempuan pertama yang memegang jabatan tertinggi.

Kemenangan dia telah diperkirakan karena mendapatkan dukungan Beijing. Kepala eksekutif Hong Kong dipilih oleh sebuah komite pemilu yang sebagian besar anggotanya pro-Beijing, dibandingkan dengan mereka yang mewakili suara publik.

Kelompok pro-demokrasi menggelar protes di luar gedung pemilihan pada Minggu, dengan menyebut proses itu sebagai sebuah tipuan.

Hong Kong election candidates to be screened

KONFRONTASI-The Hong Kong government has given politicians their first look at a long-awaited electoral blueprint for selecting the city's next leader, a plan that reflects China's desire for a tightly controlled poll despite calls for more democracy.

Deputy leader Carrie Lam said on Wednesday that the first-ever public vote for the post of chief executive in 2017 would be held in "strict compliance" with a ruling by China's National People's Congress last August.