Barack Obama

Obama: Florida mass shooting ‘act of terror, hate’

KONFRONTASI - US President Barack Obama has denounced the Sunday mass shooting in Florida as an act of terror and hatred, ordering the American flag lowered to half mast to honor the victims.

At least 50 people were killed and 53 more were injured in a shooting at the Pulse Club in Orlando, Florida on Sunday.

“Today as Americans we grieve the brutal murder, a horrific massacre of dozens of innocent people,” Obama said during a White House address to the nation.

Obama expands role of US forces in Afghanistan

KONFRONTASI - US President Barack Obama has ordered the military to take on the Taliban more directly and enable Afghan forces battling the militant group, ratcheting up a 15-year conflict that he had promised to end.

"US forces will more proactively support Afghan conventional forces," a senior administration official told AFP on Friday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the decision would also allow greater use of American air power.

Obama ‘concerned’ about US Republican Party

KONFRONTASI - US President Barack Obama has expressed concern over the Republican Party and its infighting and nomination for this year’s presidential race.

Speaking on Jimmy Fallon’s "The Tonight Show", which is due to be aired late on Thursday, Obama said, "The truth is actually I am worried about the Republican Party."

Obama said the US has a two-party political system which has to be "serious” and should “solve problems."

Barack Obama: Muhammad Ali Telah Mengguncang Dunia

KONFRONTASI - Presiden Amerika Serikat Barack Obama dan istrinya, Michelle Obama, turut berduka atas kepergian petinju legendaris, Muhammad Ali. Dalam keterangan resminya, mereka mengenang Ali sebagai sosok yang hebat.

“Muhammad Ali adalah orang terhebat. Titik,” kata Obama seperti tertulis dalam keterangan pers yang dimuat di situs The White House, Sabtu, 4 Juni 2016.

Obama mourns dead in Hiroshima, calls for world without nuclear arms

KONFRONTASI-Barack Obama on Friday became the first incumbent U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, site of the world's first atomic bombing, in a gesture Tokyo and Washington hope will showcase their alliance and reinvigorate efforts to rid the world of nuclear arms.

Even before it occurred, the visit stirred debate, with critics accusing both sides of having selective memories, and pointing to paradoxes in policies relying on nuclear deterrence while calling for an end to atomic weapons.

World leaders ‘rattled’ by Trump’s proposals: Obama

KONFRONTASI-US President Barack Obama says world leaders are “rattled” by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and are not sure how to react to his proposals.

“I think it's fair to say they are surprised by the Republican nominee, they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're rattled by him, and for good reason,” Obama said Thursday, during a break from the G7 summit in Japan.

Obama prods Vietnam on rights after activists stopped from meeting him

KONFRONTASI-U.S. President Barack Obama chided Vietnam on political freedoms on Tuesday after critics of the communist-run government were prevented from meeting him in Hanoi, a discordant note on a trip otherwise steeped in words of amity between the former foes.

Obama announced on Monday that Washington was scrapping its embargo on the sale of lethal arms to Vietnam, clearing the biggest hurdle remaining between two countries that have been drawn together by concern over China's military build-up.

Obama Cabut Embargo Penjualan Senjata ke Vietnam

KONFRONTASI - Presiden Barack Obama, Senin 23 Mei 2016, secara resmi mengumumkan bahwa Amerika Serikat telah mencabut sepenuhnya embargo penjualan senjata kepada Vietnam yang telah diberlakukan selama lebih dari lima dekade tersebut. Pencabutan embargo tersebut diumumkan Obama saat melakukan kunjungan kenegaraan ke Vietnam, seperti dilaporkan AP dan dikutip Yahoo News.

Dalam jumpa pers di Hanoi tersebut, Obama berjanji tak akan lagi mengungkit-ungkit sejarah kelam bekas musuh AS tersebut.

Obama warns Russia against military build-up in N Europe

KONFRONTASI - US President Barack Obama has warned Russia against its “aggressive” military build-up in northern Europe.

Obama made the remarks on Friday after meeting with Nordic leaders from Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark at the White House.

"We are united in our concern about Russia's growing aggressive military presence and posture in the Baltic-Nordic region,” he said.

Pesan Rahasia Obama untuk Pemimpin Iran Bocor, Ini Isinya

KONFRONTASI - Pesan rahasia Presiden Amerika Serikat Barack Obama kepada pemimpin tertinggi Iran awal tahun ini bocor ke publik. Situs Iran, Saham News, sebuah organisasi yang dekat dengan pemerintahan Presiden Hassan Rouhani, mengatakan pesan itu dikirim pada akhir Maret 2016. Pesan tersebut menyerukan sebuah kerja sama menyelesaikan masalah dan krisis di Timur Tengah.