22 July 2018

Historian: Obama is ‘worst liar’ regarding human rights

KONFRONTASI-US President Barack Obama is the “worst” and “most notorious liar” among past presidents when it comes to human rights and social justice, an African American researcher and historian in Washington says.

Obama has “systematically and cynically refused to enforce America’s own laws regarding” racial profiling, police violence and systemic racism, said Randy Short, a member of the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization.

“Obama has no heart, he has no soul, he’s made a political career as many people who have a Stockholm syndrome or bifurcated ethnic identity where they hate the black ancestry and love the white ancestry in their family,” Dr. Short told Press TV on Sunday.

“This man has no honor, he’s a self-hating Kenyan-American,” he added. 

Despite the heightened tensions over police killings of men of color in the US, Obama claimed earlier this month that race relations have improved since he took office six years ago.

“I actually think that it’s probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided,” he told National Public Radio, which was broadcast on Friday.

A survey by Bloomberg Politics released earlier this month, however, found that a majority of Americans disagreed with the president’s remarks about the race issue. 

The poll said 53 percent of Americans feel interactions between white and black communities have deteriorated under the country’s black president.

Thirty-six percent say they have stayed the same and only 9 percent believe they have improved. [mr/ptv]