4 April 2020

US pressuring China, Russia over North Korea

KONFRONTASI - The United States is exerting pressure on Russia and China over what Washington describes as a cyberattack on Sony Pictures by North Korea, said Ed Royce, the chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee.

The US has demanded compensation from North Korea over its alleged cyberattack as the tensions between the two countries are growing.

Following the incident , President Barack Obama promised to respond proportionately to the hacking, which reportedly exposed Hollywood secrets, destroyed Sony company data and revealed personal information about its employees.

In return, North Korea threatened to retaliate against the US warning that it will conduct strikes against the White House, Pentagon and "the whole US mainland,” which it described as a “cesspool of terrorism”.

Royce (R-Calif.) said on Fox News Wednesday that “North Korea, in order to get this expertise, does send its young hackers off to Moscow. In the past, they've sent them to Beijing. Certainly, they have used the — the Chinese servers in order to access the Internet here in the United States”.

“So we are putting pressure on Moscow and on Beijing,” he noted.

Royce went on to say that the US should impose direct financial sanctions on North Korea in order to cripple its intelligence activities and stop its nuclear program.

The US can base the sanctions on the 2005 restrictions which were placed on a Macau bank that was allegedly processing counterfeit money for the North Koreans, he suggested.

North Korea has so far rejected the accusations as groundless slander and called for a joint investigation with the US into the incident but Washington has turned down the joint probe offer. [ptv]



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