20 June 2018

Trump impeachment will change nothing

KONFRONTASI-US President Donald Trump’s impeachment would bring about no major change in America’s behavior, says an American political analyst, arguing that alternatives to Trump are equally bad if not worse.

Speaking to Press TV on Sunday, Stephen Lendman, a Chicago-based author and radio host, said there were plenty of reasons for Congress to remove Trump from his position but all of those reasons could be used against his predecessors as well.

“Waging illegal wars of aggression, killing people… I mean murder is a crime, a capital offense” he argued. “That is a reason to impeach a president.”

The analyst made the remarks while discussing protests in over 20 cities across the US on Saturday to denounce the policies of Trump and his administration.

The organizer, a group known as Refuse Fascism, called on American voters to take to the streets in an effort to remove Trump from power.

Lendman said the demonstrators “had no idea” what would happen once Trump was dethroned.

“It would be a national cataclysm if a president gets removed from office,” the analyst said. “The problem is, if one does, what will replace him? Probably something worse than the one in office.”

“In the case of Trump, there is no doubt in my mind that if he is removed from office, and [Vice President] Mike Pence replaces him, as bad as things are now, they will be worse under Pence and the rogue elements surrounding him,” Lendman explained.

“In other words, you can jump out of the frying pan and you can jump into the fire, but either way, you are going to get badly burned,” he concluded.
US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence speak to the press on August 10, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

Numerous protests have taken place across the US since the inauguration in January of Trump, whose approval ratings have been noticeably lower than any of his predecessors.

The businessman-turned-politician has drawn fire at home and abroad for his radical measures, including a ban on Muslim travelers from entering the US, a refusal to certify Iran's internationally-endorsed nuclear deal, a failure to condemn white supremacists, a plan to build a wall along the Mexico border, rolling back on enhanced relations with Cuba, withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership as well as a decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, to name a few.[mr/ptv]