Tourists stabbed in Jordanian city of Jerash

KONFRONTASI-Police in Jordan has arrested a man suspected of stabbing foreign tourists in the ancient city of Jerash, about 50 kilometres (31.07 miles) north of the capital Amman.

Police spokesperson Amer Sartawi said in a statement on Wednesday that "several tourists, a tourist's guide and a police officer were stabbed" by a knife-wielding man in the city known for its Roman ruins.

"The victims have been transported to a hospital and are undergoing treatment," the statement said.

Jerash is a popular domestic and international tourist attraction.

 A second police statement said the victims were four Jordanians, three Mexican nationals and one Swiss national but did on the identity of the suspected attacker or his motives.

An official from the government hospital in Jerash, where the victims have been admitted, told Al Jazeera that the victims' conditions are not very serious and are "stable".

The official who declined to be named because the case is still under investigation said: "All of the victims are undergoing treatment right now."

The spokesman told Al Jazeera that the attacker is under investigation to determine the motive behind the attack.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Attacks on tourists in Jordan are rare, but the latest incident comes as the country has been facing an economic crisis.

Last year, four security forces were killed in an attack attributed to groups linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) armed group.

At least 10 people, including a Canadian tourist, were killed in a shooting in the city of Karak, about 120km (74.6 miles) south of Amman.

In 2006, a man shot and killed a British tourist and injured several other western tourists who were sightseeing around the Roman amphitheatre in downtown Amman.[mr/aje]