Ties with Israel against Arab nations wish: Pundit

KONFRONTASI-Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, an author and Middle East expert from Madison, and Richard Millett, a journalist and political commentator from London, to discuss the opening of the first Israeli diplomatic mission in the United Arab Emirates.

Barrett maintains the tiny dictatorships of the Persian Gulf region like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are establishing ties with the Zionist entity to “shore up the imperialist era,” which props up the illegitimate and small governments against the wishes of their own people.

“Up until now these despotic [Persian] Gulf dictatorships have been prevented from openly siding with Israel too strongly by the fact that their own people are disgusted by the ongoing genocide in Palestine, but apparently now they are trying to use manufactured Iranophobia and Shiaphobia to get their populations to go along with this move to join the Zionists in their genocide in Palestine,” Barrett notes.

The author also says the Israeli regime attempts to divide the Middle East region based on a plan, which has been formalized by Oded Yinon, a Zionist strategist, who called on the regime to balkanize regional countries along sectarian and ethnic lines to provide the entity with the opportunity to survive.

Therefore, he argues, the Zionist regime tries to “shatter the Middle East into a mosaic of tiny and powerless countries” that could be exploited and occupied from Tel Aviv.

Millett, for his part, believes the opening of the Israeli diplomatic mission in the UAE seems to be a “minor situation,” because there might be a one-person mission to pave the way for more interaction between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi on issues of mutual interests and concerns.[MR/PTV]