Shining a different light on autumn leaves

Colored maple leaves are reflected on the floor of the Hotokuji temple’s main hall.


KONFRONTASI -   Maple trees at the Hotokuji temple in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, are illuminated and the reflection of their beautifully colored leaves appears on the glossy floor of the main hall.

The lacquered wood floor at the shine features a 28 tatami-mat space that serves as a screen, on which vivid colors of the red and yellow maple leaves loom conspicuously in the dark.

Temple-goers were seen snapping photographs with their smartphones to preserve the image.

“The scene provides a different way to savor the autumn leaves than when they are viewed under a blue sky,” the temple’s chief priest said.

The illumination is from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. each day and runs through Nov. 28. Admission is ¥2,000, and reservations via its website are necessary as the temple only accepts the first 60 guests each day for viewings.Speech(Jft/YomiuriShimbun )