Ron Paul says US invasion of Iraq helped create ISIL

KONFRONTASI -  Former US congressman Ron Paul has said that the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 resulted in the rise of terrorist groups such as ISIL in the Middle East.

In an article published on his website on Sunday, Paul said Washington’s bombs against ISIL would “continue to make the problem worse because it was our bombs that helped create the problem in the first place.”

There were no ISIL problem and no al-Qaeda problem in Iraq and Syria before the United States invaded Iraq, he wrote.

“Our bombs and involvement in the region only serve to recruit more fighters into ISIS (ISIL). To make matters worse, many of these radicalized fighters come from Europe and even the US. What happens when they go home?” he asked.

The United States and some of its allies have been conducting airstrikes against ISIL targets in Iraq and Syria since last year.

Paul suggested that regional countries should take the lead in the battle against the ISIL terrorists, saying that Washington should be grateful to Iran for contributing to the fight against the terror network.

“Instead of being angered at Iranian help to address the problem of ISIS (ISIL), perhaps we should send them a ‘thank you’ note,” he said.

The former presidential candidate said US interventionists will not cheer Iran currently because they desire the rest of the world to believe that the US is the only indispensable nation and no problem anywhere can be solved without US involvement.

“Perhaps if people overseas begin to see that they can solve their own local and regional problems without the US military involved, more Americans would come to see the neocons as the real threat to our national – and financial – security,” Paul said.[ptv]