Rand Paul urges Congress to take Obama to court over immigration

KONFRONTASI - Republican Senator Rand Paul has called on Congress to take legal action against US President Barack Obama should he consider his executive action on immigration.

“We should take him to court,” Paul said on Wednesday.

“Our founders were very clear... [in] the Constitution that the Congress writes the law,” he added.

“The president himself has admitted as many as 15 times, saying he’s not a king, he’s not an emperor and he can’t write the law. So really, the media needs to be asking him why he’s changed his mind now.”

Obama has insisted on his plans to overhaul the immigration system through executive action.

The immigration changes could bring some form of legal status to many immigrants in the United States.

Obama’s decision has been criticized by his opponents who argue that the order would have devastating effects on American citizens.

A number of Republicans have threatened the US president with impeachment.

Paul ruled out the possibility of a government shutdown when asked about the threat by Republicans.

“We don’t have much power right now... in January we will,” he said.