Labour: MP Rupa Huq refuses to represent homeless Jewish constituent

KONFRONTASI -   member of the British parliament has been accused of being a homeless-hater, this comes after the same MP made the headlines earlier this year for tormenting her jewish employees.

A constituent of Ealing’s Member of Parliament Rupa Huq – who happens to be of jewish faith – was unable to obtain MP representation, which is required in the process of submitting an Ombudsman complaint. For the unfamiliar with the British political system, the Ombudsman investigates cases as a last resort, it is able to investigate governmental departments when suspicions of misconduct can be established.


The Ealing constituent – who wishes to remain anonymous – and who had found himself in financial difficulties because of the actions of a governmental department, sought as a last resort to involve the Parliamentary Ombudsman to have the case investigated. However, the signature of an MP was requested.

Rupa Huq, simply ignored her constituent for almost a year, after which she stated that she had not received anything from the victim. Inaccurate as we were able to verify with the email records made available to us, showing numerous attempts by the constituent to reach the MP with confirmation of receipt of his emails by her office. The MP proceeded to add that because he was homeless he was not her constituent. Baffled by her answer, the victim tried to reason with the doctor, but to no avail, at this point the MP turned somewhat rude.


The Labour MP often comes up in the news for making inappropriate statements:

Our correspondent in London asked Anthony, who too is a constituent of Ealing, of what he thought of his MP’s actions: “As a Londoner I am truly ashamed… some are still insensitive to the issue of homelessness and think of the homeless as second class citizens. It’s easy for her in her ivory tower, with her fat paycheck, to walk all over them...”.

Watch the video: