Internet memes mock Donald Trump by making him look small - literally

Many of the doctored images will be familiar to anyone who has followed recent news - but they have a small twist


KONFRONTASI -    Opponents of US President Donald Trump know he has responded to comments about the size of his hands before.

Now, some internet users have gone one step further and doctored images to make his whole body look minuscule.

At 6ft 2in (187cm), Mr Trump is taller than many world leaders and edges ahead of his predecessor, Barack Obama (6ft 1in - 185cm).

But numerous images have been doctored to make him look tiny, as Reddit users attempt to provoke him to respond.

What's the big deal about Trump's hands?

The mockeries flooding social media span doctored versions of official photos, magazine covers and recent news coverage. They show a shrunken Mr Trump next to landmarks and other people including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Mr Trump has not yet responded to the taunts.

A doctored, small Trump on the steps of an airplane, with thumbs held aloft. Twitter user @ClintFalin tweets: OMG I didn't realize just how small Donald Trump is until now.Image copyright@CLINTFALIN

A small Trump holding up a child's picture, with his daughter Tiffany doing a thumbs up over his shoulderImage copyrightENZAIT

pSomeone tweaked this picture of Mr Trump with his daughter, Tiffany, even making it look like he is proudly holding up a child's drawing

Justine Trudeau and a tiny Mr Trump in front of a White House fireplaceImage copyrightMYG0T_0

Image captionSeveral photo pranksters toyed with this image of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visiting the White House last week


Trump's head pasted on that of a baby in Hillary Clinton's arms

Image copyright@B.I.G_PAIGE

Instagram users have got in on the theme, with this one pasting Mr Trump's head on the body of a baby in the arms of his presidential opponent Hillary Clintonpaper cutout of Trump, smaller than the Pepsi bottle it's next to for size comparison; caption reads "Little Trump is going to cut taxes and make Lilliput Great Again!"

Image copyright@P4K9

This Instagram user has tried to recreate the meme in a low-tech way

Vice-President Mike Pence, next to the top of Trump's head and his hand, smaller than usual, wavingImage copyrightSMELLY_JIM

This user said he cut Mr Trump out of the frame entirely because he "would never have been at the centre of my attention if it were up to me"Time magazine cover, mocked up to look like Trump is behind a desk at least 10 times too big for himImage copyrightCOYOTE_LOST

Image captionAnd this user changed the current cover of Time magazine to make it look like Mr Trump was in a chair far too big for him

Most of the images can be seen on this trending subreddit. Its moderator, posting as revolution486, wrote: "I'm really excited to get Trump to respond to the meme."

But one commenter wrote: "I don't get what's funny about it. Tiny hands was good but this is just idiotic."(Jft/BBC)