Hong Kong Is for More Anti-Occupy Violence

HONG KONG- Police confirm that eight people arrested after Friday night's violence are suspected of having backgrounds in organized crime.According to the South China Morning Post, pro-democracy legislator James To told a hastily convened press conference of democratic lawmakers Saturday that “the government has used organized, orchestrated forces and even triad gangs in [an] attempt to disperse citizens.”

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters faced a bloody backlash Friday, as a violent mob, many of them masked, attacked demonstrators gathered at Mong Kok and Causeway Bay, throwing punches, tearing down banners, and slashing at tents with scissors. Some female students reported being sexually assaulted and the police have been accused of not doing enough to protect students.

Sit In Protest Continues In Hong Kong Despite Chief Executive's Calls To Withdraw

Many bystanders and activists said that members of triad gangs were involved in the attacks and police confirmed that eight of the 19 people arrested in Mong Kok Friday night were suspected of having backgrounds in organized crime. The district is a known hotbed of triad activity.

As the city woke from a night of political violence, students sardonically erected a sign pointing to the Central Government Offices that read “and Triad offices.”



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