21 February 2020

Clinton campaign to host fundraisers in Mexico

KONFRONTASI - The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set to hold fundraisers in Mexico on Wednesday.

The former secretary of state will not herself take part in the two events, which are slated to be held in Mexico City one day after the New Hampshire primary vote, the Hill reported Tuesday.

Her campaign treasurer, Jose Villarreal, will instead host the events.

Ivan Zapien, a Wal-Mart lobbyist who relocated to Mexico along with the company in 2015, will also be present to co-host the fundraising dinner.

Alejandra Rangel Smith, an academic from Mexico, will be in charge of the fundraising breakfast at her house.

According to the Hill, Mexico City is not “a common destination” for hopefuls interested in overseas fundraisers.

The donors are required to assert that they are US citizens.

The announcement was made as the New Hampshire vote was underway with little hope for the Democratic candidate as polls showed before the elections that her rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, was way ahead.

Another Clinton fundraiser is reportedly set to be held thousands of miles away in London by Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, and fashion editor Anna Wintour.[ptv]




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