Chinese developer apologizes to Apple for faulty applications

KONFRONTASI - A Chinese app developer has apologized to US-based computer giant, Apple, for developing applications that can collect users’ private data.

The announcement came on Tuesday after Apple said it had scrapped from its online store more than 250 applications that collect personal data in violation of the company's privacy policies, AFP reported.

Apple broke the news a day after researchers discovered hundreds of apps were using Chinese advertising software, which extracted "personally identifiable user information."

Following the revelation, Youmi Mobile Technology "apologized" to developers and its own partners for the inconvenience caused for their businesses, saying this in a statement posted on the company’s website.

Last Sunday, researchers at the US mobile analytics firm, SourceDNA, said they had discovered hundreds of apps that extracted personal information, saying it was "the first time we've seen iOS apps successfully bypass the app review process."

It is Apple’s policy not to allow third-party applications to share data about a user without obtaining users' permission.

The company also rejects apps that require users to share personal information, such as email addresses or birth dates.

The US researchers also noted that they had found 256 apps with an estimated one million downloads that have a version of Youmi that violates user privacy.

Releasing a statement, Youmi denied "collecting personal information (mobile phone numbers, e-mail address, for example) or offering to sell personal information."

In September, Apple confirmed that hundreds of popular mobile apps were infected with malicious software which potentially allowed access to private user data and passwords. The malicious software included two widely used Chinese apps, instant messaging service, WeChat, and ride-hailing app, Didi Kuaidi.[ptv]