Attacks of 9/11/2001 solved Part 1: Evidence that destroys the official story

1 Attacks of 9/11/2001 solved Part 1: Evidence that destroys the official story

by Mehmet Inan, MSc.

NEW YORK- To publish on Monday 9/7/2020. Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, 19 years have passed. Despite all these years, generally we Muslims refuse the accusations of having committed these attacks. They do not match to our spirit, neither in motivation, nor in capacity, nor in means. But all remaining part of the humanity think it's our soul. They start to hate us, to exclude us and some even attack us. We cannot leave things in this way. Humanity need to know how these attacks were made, who made them and why. It must be written in the history books without leaving any doubt in people's minds. We all have heard a lot about 9/11. To the errors and lacks of the official version of Bush administration, hundreds of other false conspiracy theories have been added. A confusing situation has been installed in people's minds. Many of us have learned of conspiracy theories and have 2 realized that they are false. On this basis we have believed that if the critics of the government are false, then the official version of these attacks must be true. But thousands of false conspiracy theories do not confirm the truth of the official version, because they criticize it.

These false theories can only create smokescreen to cover the truth up. The official version should be evaluated based on the evidence it uses. When we look at the evidence used by the official version, we see that it is ridiculous. For example, the half-burned passport of the terrorist Ziad Jarrah shown in the Moussaoui trial. Apparently, this passport was found in the wreckage of the fourth aircraft, flight UA93, that crashed to the ground. At first, it was alleged that this passport had been separated from the planes that hit the Twin Towers and found a few blocks away. It is ludicrous that this passport was found in readable condition when there is no recognizable part of the aircraft. The biggest evidence used by the official version is the phone calls from passengers inside the planes to their families. Family members said that several calls were made using cell phones. For example, the statements of the family of Tom Burnett, passenger of the flight UA93. When some of these calls were made, the planes were flying at an altitude of 35,000 ft. At that time and these altitudes, it was impossible to make calls with cell phones. Base stations transmit signals to the ground, not to the sky. There is no cell phone network at these altitudes. The base stations installed inside the planes were developed later, around 2005. It was therefore impossible for passengers to make these calls from mobile phones. The only possibility to make these calls was to use Internet kind phone calls, which are very common today. Even without the internet, such calls have existed since the existence of cellphones which are nothing but communications between computers. Voice changing software were also used to create the voices of the passengers.

This is also possible on basis of illegal wiretapping of their cell phones in the days before the attacks. In the days after the attacks, journalists from Ruppert Murdock's group, like Fox News, wiretapped the families of the victims to spy on them. The same equipment could, and even had to be, used a few days before the attacks to record the voices of the passengers. We can conclude that all the phone calls were false. Evidence used by the official version is false and laughable. The use of such ridiculous evidence by a global superpower like the United States shows how weak and false the official version is. The question of how these attacks were made remains unanswered. The graph below shows the flight times of the planes used in September 11 attacks. The information on which it is based can be easily found. An imprecision of one or two minutes will not change the result. The red bars represent the flight times after each aircraft has deviated from its intended route. These are the flight times in hijack situations. These red bars follow one after other. This succession shows that the hijacks were made one after other. 3 There is no reason why four separate teams on the planes should do these hijacks one after other. It is even impossible for them to do so. To make such a succession, each team approaching its target must pick up the phone and call the next team to say: "We are about to finish our work, it's your turn, we meet ourselves in the heaven!". It is completely ridiculous. It is also impossible for terrorist pilots of an airplane to call terrorist passengers seated on another airplane; there is no phone. If there were four terror teams in the planes and all takeoff delays were normal, about 10 to 15 minutes, all planes would have hit their targets within 20 minutes (between 8:30 am and 8:50 am). It would have had a much more terrible psychological effect. The only possibility to make these attacks is by modifying the planes to install Tomahawk cruise missile control system inside and turn them to cruise missile. When such a system is installed without being activated, the aircraft operates normally. As soon as the system is activated using satellite communication, it grips to the flight controls to guide the aircraft like a human pilot. It injects an odorless and colorless gas into the ventilation system to kill all passengers, starting with the pilots who become unconscious within 10 seconds. In this case, there will be one team that controls the planes remotely. This team can only manage one plane at a time. Consequently, this team must inevitably hijack the planes one after other. They will take control of an airplane and make all the necessary adjustments. When the aircraft approaches its target, the team must let it continue the trip to its target in autonomous flight. At that time, a few minutes before the impact, the team must begin the hijack of the next aircraft and deviate it from its intended route.

This is exactly what happened in the case of the four planes. This sequence of hijackings proves that the planes were controlled by one single team from outside. I sent this graph 11 times to US government agencies: twice to President Bush, 2006 and 2007. Once to the United States General Consulate in Brussels, 2007. Three times to President Obama, 2009 and 2011. Five times to President Trump, 2017. Today, there has been no response or comment from them. They cannot claim to be unaware of this succession. They can only remain silent and try to cover it up. Conspiracy theorists, who are opposing the US government, have known this graph since at least 2005. None of them publish or speak about this information. As this may discover the truth, they remain silent about it and try to cover it up. Yes, conspiracy theorists are accomplices of the perpetrators of these attacks. They are creating smokescreen, blurring the traces and hiding the truth like a needle in a haystack. We Muslims cannot trust anyone about these attacks. We must verify all information and make the truth by ourselves. 4 This graph, which I have known since 2003, is enough for Muslims to be definitely cleared about September 11 attacks. Since then, I have continued the detailed study of the facts. Following this study, all hard evidence is consistent with the making of the attacks by such a technological team. Nothing is consistent with the making by the alleged four teams of Muslim terrorists. If the US government had evidence, it would have presented it long ago. In the next article, we will explain how the hijacks were made. 1 Attacks of 9/11/2001 solved Part 2: Controlling the hijacks by Mehmet Inan, MSc. To publish on Tuesday 9/8/2020. This image shows the routes of the hijacked planes on September 11, 2001. What would these routes look like if four separate terror teams had hijacked these planes? - When the first plane, AA11, was hijacked at 8:14, it should have turned left and headed for its target. It does the opposite and turns right. - The second plane, UA175, should be like the first plane; 15 minutes after takeoff, it should have left its route and headed for its target on the left. It waits until 8:42 am and greatly exceeds its target, then it returns. - The third plane, AA77, took off from 36 km to its target. It should have been hijacked about 10 minutes after takeoff and headed for its target to reach it after another 10 minutes. The plane flew for 34 minutes before being hijacked and return to its target other 44 minutes later. - The last plane, UA93, waited on the tarmac for about half an hour. If there were terrorists, they would have been aware of their delay and should hijack the plane as soon as possible, approximately 10 minutes after takeoff. This last plane waited 53 minutes after takeoff before deviate from its intended route, much more than any other aircraft. These routes are not consistent with hijacks by terror teams on board of the aircraft. Let's analyze the case of control by one technology team, as we proved in part 1 of this article. How the flight routes will be? All evidence shows that the team who controlled the planes was in the WTC7 building, located two rows north of the twin towers.

This building was demolished in the afternoon to erase the traces of their presence. This technology team had all necessary means to make their tasks: All needed laptops, internet connections, connections for communication with the airspace control towers, 2 connections to the military satellite network, voice changing software, ... The number of people in the building was between 50 and 100. How did they control the planes? The first plane, AA11, took off at 7:59. 15 minutes later, when the Delta Airlines 1149 plane, coming from its right, was close to the intersection with AA11, there was an unusual conversation with the tower: 8:13:29 — 46R: AAL11, turn 20 degrees right. 8:13:31 — AAL11: 20 right AAL11. 8:13:47 — 46R: AAL11, now climb maintain FL350. 8:13:57 — 46R: AAL11, climb maintain FL350. Within 16 seconds, between 8:13:31 and 8:13:47 the pilots changed from completely normal to completely silent state; and this happens between two successive orders from the control tower! How is it possible? The official commission report says, "From this and other evidence, we believe the hijacking began at 8:14 or shortly thereafter"! Let’s imagine the most improbable coincidence happened. Immediately after the pilots have finished responding, the terrorists entered the cockpit. They cut the throats of both pilots. Blood jets everywhere and the terrorists transport the bodies of the pilots out of the seats! No, it is not realistic. Instead of killing the pilots, splashing blood everywhere and transporting their bodies, better to ask pilots to get out of their seats. As responsible captains of the aircraft, the pilots will refuse, and a discussion will begin. This discussion will last more than 16 seconds. When the tower issued the second order, the pilots should have responded. What really happened? This was the first remotely controlled aircraft. The Tomahawk cruise missile control system installed therein was to operate for the first time. They designed everything as safe as possible. In anyway, the absence of error could not be guaranteed. They had to verify the proper operation of the system and the death of the pilots. To do this, the pilots must be called, and they must answer to confirm the communication line. As soon as the pilots responded, the system had to be activated, waiting for the gas to spread and the pilots to become unconscious, that is about 10 seconds. Then a second order must be given to the pilots. If the pilots respond again, that means there was a problem and the system did not work. But if they do not respond, it was because the system worked well, the pilots were unconscious, and the plane was under control of the Tomahawk control system. How did they do it? The team that would control the planes was listening the communications between the control tower and the pilots. As previously agreed, when the aircraft DA1149 become near of AA11, the control tower would issue these two orders. As soon as the pilots responded to the first order, the team pressed the "Enter" button and activated the missile control system on the aircraft. The system immediately opened an electric valve that injected odorless and colorless toxic gas into the cockpit. According to the calculations, the pilots were supposed to be dead after 10 seconds. To be sure, the tower waited another five seconds and issued a new order.

The absence of response from the pilots proved that the system was working, and the pilots were dying. From this moment, the aircraft was under the control of the cruise missile system. The team controlling the aircraft turned it 20 degrees right as planned and began to perform the necessary system checks. Meanwhile, the tower controller, Peter Zalewski, should have alerted his superiors. Instead, he did nothing, claiming that he did not understand the situation, and continuously tried to contact the AA11 for more than 10 minutes. This mainly delayed the intervention of military interception aircraft. 3 In his interview by commission members, Peter Zalewski said: There was an airplane, the DA1149, which came from the right at 31,000 feet, I raised the AA11 to 29,000 feet. The pilot of the AA11 wanted to climb quickly in altitude. I had to separate these planes. I turned the AA11 to the right to make the crossing earlier, before AA11 reached the altitude of 31,000 feet. Then I immediately gave the order to climb to 35,000 feet. The official transcript of communications contains no request from the pilots to climb faster. When Peter Zalewski ordered turn 20 degrees right, the aircraft had not yet reached 29,000 feet, it was still 25,900 feet. If Peter Zalewski had not given any order, at crossing time, AA11 would have reached an altitude of 29,000 feet. There was still an altitude difference of 2,000 feet, double of the minimum required by regulations. There would have been no danger and no delay. After the intersection, he would order AA11 to climb to 35,000 feet, and everything would end safely. These two orders were not necessary, and they served to check that the pilots died. Given this abnormal behavior by the air traffic controller Peter Zalewski, it is very likely that he was part of the team that controlled the four aircraft. He helped them verify that the system worked well and that the pilots were dead. Let's go back to the planes. As the first aircraft continued its rightward route, the team made all the necessary checks and adjustments. Around 8:26 everything was ready, except the precision setting. The missile control system was designed for a small missile that can react quickly. Precision tuning parameters had to be changed to be suitable for a large aircraft. For this, they had to make a change of direction and measure the plane's left-right-left oscillations. On basis of these oscillations, they will calculate the correct settings. They did this at about 8:26, turning the plane to the left. After the initial oscillations, the plane becomes more stable. The initial rightward rotation at 8:14, away from its target, was to allow enough time to make this precision setting. From this moment, they monitor the aircraft until it is close to its target, taking care to stay away from other aircraft. At about 8:38, they gave the coordinates of its target and verified that it had started to lower its altitude. Four minutes later, at 8:42 am, the plane was flying toward its target; its descent speed was correct. They let it go to its target in autonomous flight and immediately began the hijacking of the second aircraft, the UA175. At that time, this aircraft had exceeded its target and was west of the South Tower. They did not send it directly to its target.

First, they deviated it southward to check its behavior with the missile control system. The last plane, the UA93, left the gate area at 8:00. But it was still waiting on the tarmac for more than half an hour. If it had taken off with a normal delay of 10 to 15 minutes like the other planes, it would have gone too far westward from its target when the team could manage it. To prevent this, they kept it waiting on the tarmac. But there was a maximum allowable delay. This plane had to take off before the first plane hit its target. If it had been delayed more and stayed after the first impact, it could have been prevented from taking off. They gave permission to take off on this fourth aircraft 4 minutes before the first aircraft impacted its target. The fourth aircraft, flight UA93, took off at 8:42, delayed of 42 minutes. While the team was inspecting the settings of the second aircraft, the first aircraft flew over the WTC7 building where this team was located and hit the North Tower in front of them at 8:46. Some members of the team immediately took binoculars and began making measurements on the plane’s impact hole in the facade of the building. The aircraft hit the center of the building with great precision, and its height was as expected. The system worked perfectly, and they had great confidence in it. This information was confirmed at about 8:49. Since the first two planes were both Boeing 767, departed from the same airport, Boston, in destination to the same airport, Los Angeles, they gave the settings of the first plane to the second. They only changed the target. Instead of the 4 center of the North Tower, they gave the center of the South Tower. At 8:50, the second aircraft began to rotate towards its target. They waited a few more minutes and checked that the rotation was good and that the aircraft had started to descend. At that time, 8:54, there were only 9 minutes before the second aircraft, UA175, reaches its target in autonomous flight. They let it go to its target and began the control of the third plane, the AA77, a Boeing 757. This aircraft took off at 36 km from its target, had flew for 34 minutes, and was approximately 400 km west of its target, the Pentagon. They turned it southward and reduced its altitude. The plane became invisible to radars. This third plane was to hit the Pentagon, a 22 m high building, and not 400 m like the twin towers. When it impacted the building, its left engine was 20 cm above the ground. With a simple GPS receiver, it was impossible to hit such a low building. The accuracy of the altitude measurement was not good enough. The plane could have been lower or higher by at least 20 meters. A much more precise altitude measurement was needed to hit the Pentagon. For this purpose, they had prepared another plane with a very precise altitude measurement system. Based on the damage span on the facade of the Pentagon, it was possible to measure the wingspan of the aircraft. This measurement gave a wingspan of 95 feet. The Boeing 757 has a wingspan of 125 feet. The damage on the facade of the Pentagon does not match to a Boeing 757. A wingspan of 95 feet is consistent with a Boeing 737-400. All inside and outside damage on the Pentagon is perfectly consistent with the impact of such an aircraft. Some eyewitnesses reported a Boeing 737, for example Terry Morin. All that means the aircraft was changed! But how? After this third plane, the Boeing 757 of flight AA77, made U-turn, it was crashed at low speed to the ground on a predefined area in the mountains of West Virginia.

The population density in this mountainous region is very low, less than 10 persons per km2. A specially prepared Boeing 737 took off from a nearby small airport and headed for the Pentagon. At 9:35, 3 minutes before the impact, the team let it go to its target in autonomous flight and began to control the fourth aircraft, the UA93. At that time, the UA93, had been flying for 53 minutes. It was 500 km northwest of its alleged target, the White House. They made it U-turn to fly toward the White House. On its route, they crashed it to the ground near Pittsburg. The sparsely populated area where the Pentagon plane was crashed extends northward and includes the impact position of this fourth aircraft. To make it look like a passenger rebellion, they rotated it completely and crashed it with fuselage down. There have been four hijacked aircraft, but no military aircraft has been able to intercept any. It is incredible that the most powerful army in the world cannot intercept four hijacked planes. The army had planned military exercises in the northeast and few military aircraft were available for the defense of the territory. Two military aircraft took off from Otis Airport, 90 km from Boston Airport, where the first two aircraft took off. It is also located at 300 km from New York. But thanks to the silence of air traffic controller Peter Zalewski, and the absence of authorities at the Pentagon, they only took off at 8:52. At that time, the first aircraft had hit its target for 6 minutes. 11 minutes later, the second plane hit its target. At Langley Airport, located 200 km south from the Pentagon, two military aircraft were available. But they took off at 9:35. Three minutes before the third plane hits the pentagon. And these military planes were sent to the ocean. Their routes are visible in the image of the flight routes here up. 5 As you can see, the times and the routes used by the hijacked planes are perfectly consistent with the control of the planes by one team. When we study in detail all information, it turns out that all the evidence shows that the planes were controlled in this way by one remote team using Tomahawk cruise missile control system. There may be minor differences in actual aircraft control. But in general, the sequence of events fits perfectly into this explanation, and all the actions of this team can be done with reliability and security.

All this evidence proves without any doubt that the planes were hijacked by one team using technological means. In the next part 3, we will study the demolition method of the twin towers. 1 Attacks of 9/11/2001 solved Part 3: Demolition of the Twin Towers by Mehmet Inan, MSc. To publish on Wednesday 9/9/2020. In the afternoon of September 11, 2001, a journalist asked to a university professor, Van Romero, why the Twin Towers collapsed? Here is a brief summary of his answer: My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse. The collapse of the structures resembled those of controlled implosions used to demolish old structures. It would be difficult for something from the plane to trigger an event like that. It could have been a relatively small amount of explosives placed in strategic points. The explosives likely would have been put in more than two points in each of the towers. These words were published in the second edition of Albuquerque's newspaper on September 11, 2001. Seeing the collapse of the South Tower in the image above, we can only agree with him. Even if some aspects can be discussed, he was actually right for bombs. To eject debris so far and make so much dust, there must be many bombs. But a week later in the same newspaper, Van Romero supported other teachers and said the buildings had been destroyed by fire. The second academic is a mechanics of materials teacher called Zdenek Bazant. In a report published two days after the attacks, September 13, 2001, he said in summary: Following the heating of the 2 structures, if the upper section of the building falls from one floor, it will be in free fall and at the time of impact with the lower floor, the apparent force will be 8 times its weight. The lower floor cannot resist this force and will collapse. This will repeat itself down to the ground, destroying the entire building. This explanation is false. Fire cannot create a free fall of a steel structure. The collapse by excessive heating by fire occurs in stages, compaction then stop, then further compaction and stop, ... The impact with the lower floor is not like a hammer shock either. At each impact the upper parts also break. Some floors below, there are only distributed parts with reduced load. Below columns are bigger and collapse must stop. In addition, materials such as paper and wood burn at 300 ° C. To start weakening the steel, it must reach 600 °C. The collapse of these buildings was impossible. We’ll see later why Zdenek Bazant hasten to publish such a false report in two days. How did these buildings collapse? Before that, we need to study the structure of the buildings.

These towers, the tallest buildings of their time, were built around a very strong skeleton called the core and located in the center of the buildings. This skeleton was made of large interconnected columns with diagonal braces to resist winds and earthquakes. The exterior columns supported only the vertical weight of the floors. This photo of debris shows the sections of two core columns and of three exterior columns. The dimensions of the sections of the visible core columns are 52"x22" (1320 mm x 560 mm). Their splices are made of welds on their long sides and they are interconnected with braces. They are very big and their splices are strong.

The exterior columns were hollow and measured 14"x13" (355 mm x 330 mm). Their splices are made with 4 bolts placed in their end plate and they do not contain braces. They are small and their splices are weak. If we want to summarize very shortly the official reports, we can take this statement of the commission report, note 1 of chapter 9: These exterior walls bore most of the weight of the building. The interior core of the buildings was a hollow steel shaft, in which elevators and stairwells were grouped. 3 In other words, the official reports have ignored the large columns of the core visible in this photo and have focused on the small exterior columns; they are filled with meaningless words about the exterior columns. I will quote only two of the frauds that hide their lies. A typical floor plan has been published in the official report of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). This image shows this floor plan. The width of the exterior columns is 14" (355 mm). The distance between two columns is 40" (1016 mm). The steel filling rate is 14/40, approximately 1/3. When the columns are placed side by side, there will be 1/3 filled by the column, and 2/3 empty space. When looking the exterior columns in this floor plan, the filled section is larger than the empty section. The image below shows scaled corner of this floor plan; the 40" distance between two columns is used as reference. The exterior columns are added as 14" squares. We see that the exterior columns have been enlarged by 171% and drawn with 24"x24". In other words, the columns that should be smaller than the empty spaces were larger than these empty spaces. 4 In NIST floor plan, around the core, there are two indications "Air supply and return shafts". These writings suggest that this area of the core is empty. While precisely the braces that connect the core columns to each other are in this area. In the official reports, the braces do not exist, they are erased. This picture from construction time shows the diagonal bracings between core columns. NIST report contains other technical lies to give a false explanation to these bracings and claim there was no other bracings in the upper floors. 5 These official reports are completely false. And these reports are thousands of pages long. They filled too many pages so that no one could analyze them entirely. Anyone who wants to read them will be tired without understanding what is written therein. Let’s come to the demolition of the buildings: to demolish these buildings, the columns and bracing of the core had to be exploded. In the upper floors, these core columns were much smaller than the columns in the image above; they could be exploded with small bombs. But in the lower floors, huge bombs are needed; these will create huge sounds and prevented to use them. The core columns were spliced every three floors. Measurements made on the first explosions in the upper floors gave a distance of three floors between two explosions. Then after there were closer explosions on each floor. In the upper floors, the splices of the core columns have been exploded. In the lower floors, the connections of the floor trusses to the core columns were exploded on each floor.

The braces that connect the core columns have also been cut to weaken the structure of the core without destroying it. That’s why the core remained still standing while the floor trusses and exterior columns collapsed. In some images and videos, this is clearly visible. The image in the top, and this one below, are two successive pictures made by Aman Zafar ( The below one shows the still standing core. Later, the still standing cores also collapsed. When the explosions reached the lower floors, large bombs could have been used to destroy some splices of the core columns and ensure it also collapse. This was possible, because the sound is absorbed by the dust filling everywhere and everyone was running. The large core columns visible in the photo of the debris above were destroyed by these large explosions. 6 Normally, to do such destruction, you need to place bombs for months and connect with electrical wires. It was impossible to do this for the twin towers. But by using wireless remote-controlled bombs, all preparations will be made in secret during months, and only the placement of the bombs will be done during the last days. Each bomb had its own code (such as a cell phone number), a small battery, and markings depending on where it was placed. About 3,000 such bombs were installed in each twin tower. In the months before the attacks, about 6,000 bombs were prepared for both towers. On the last Thursday before the attacks, bomb-sniffing dogs that protected the entrances since 1993 were abruptly removed. From Thursday to Sunday, these bombs were placed in predefined locations. For most of them, shuttle elevators were used. In half of the core, these elevators go up to the 44th floor. In the other half, they go up to the 78th floor. During the nights of Thursday and Friday, all bombs below 44th and 78th floors were installed using shuttle elevators. In the remaining upper floors, they had to enter offices. To ensure the offices are empty, a blackout was declared in the upper floors over the weekend. That permitted to access all offices. The remaining bombs were placed on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday midday, the twin towers were ready to be demolished in less than 15 seconds by starting a software on a laptop computer located in the WTC7 tower. Monday was a normal workday. Tuesday, September 11, depending on the impact floor of each plane, they knew by which codes the explosions must be started in each tower. They transmitted this information to an electromagnetic wave transmitter placed in the basement of each tower.

This transmitter sent the required codes at the speed required to detonate the bombs in the building in the sequence necessary to demolish the towers from top to bottom. It’s like a magic work, in reality it’s a simple technologic job. In the next part 4, we will identify the perpetrators of the attacks. 1 Attacks of 9/11/2001 solved Part 4: The perpetrators by Mehmet Inan, MSc. To publish on Thursday 9/10/2020. Iraq has no connection to September 11 attacks. Nonetheless, Bush began to prepare to attack Iraq in 2002 using these attacks as justification. The point was clear: The United States and Europe will attack Muslims under the pretext of September 11 attacks, many wars will be started, and innocent people will die. In such a case, it is mandatory to know all the facts about the September 11 attacks, how they were done, who did them and why. Blaming Muslims by false claims is unacceptable. It doesn’t help anyone and doesn’t protect anyone. If Muslims did these attacks, we must endorse our responsibility as Muslims, accept the attacks, apologize and take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening again. If Muslims are not involved, justice must be made, Muslims must be cleared, the perpetrators must be identified and pay for their crimes. It's so simple. Today, 19 years later, this has not been made and the wars have only increased since then. I began to investigate these attacks in late 2002, when Bush was preparing for the invasion of Iraq. At the beginning of 2003, I get to the conclusion that the hijackings were made by one single team and that Muslims, extremists or not, were not involved. In 2007, although there were minor lacks, I knew enough about the way the attacks were made. I have been speaking on Internet forums for over two years. Many false theories have been published. I examined and refuted them. On request of a forum member, I examined the theory of Doctor Zdenek Bazant (see part 3). The false was clear. This man is an eminent professor! Why would he have put his signature under a false report in two days? It takes years to write a report on such destruction. The man runs quickly and writes a false report!

Why? 2 Doctor Zdenek Bazant How he dares to get involved in such huge attacks that did not concern him? Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to find an explanation for such behavior. To do something like this, this man must have the support of the most powerful groups in the United States! Otherwise they will condemn him for writing false reports and he will be executed. Who are the powerful groups in the United States? Of course, the Israeli lobby! Does this doctor have any connection to Israel? Could he be of Jewish origin? Researches on Doctor Zdenek Bazant concluded that he was indeed Jewish. The Israeli Zionist lobby would of course use such a great professor. In particular, such a teacher was necessary to define the method of demolition of the twin towers and to justify their collapse as being the consequence of the impacts of the planes. When the Mossad came to ask for help from this professor, he cannot refuse, otherwise he was at least excluded from his community. Additional research revealed that the study of the demolition method for the twin towers began in 1997. Dr. Bazant's report had therefore been written since 1997. That’s why the report was easily published within two days after the attacks. Dr. Bazant's speedy and fraudulent involvement in these attacks and his Jewish origins revealed the possibility of Israeli involvement in these attacks. From that moment, I began to check the origins of the people fraudulently involved in these events. The first people involved at the time were those who were spreading false theories in the forums where I was active writer. I started by asking about their ethnic and religious origins. All of them refused, except one. He said that he was an atheist but that his wife was Jewish and encouraged him to participate in these forums. He's an atheist married to a Jewish woman! He is probably an atheist of Jewish origin. Most of the Israeli society is not religious Jewish. In general, most of the Zionists who support Israel are such atheists. Later, it turned out that most of persons who gave false testimony about September 11 are Jewish. For example, a civilian pilot, Donald Timmerman, said he saw an airplane crash to the Pentagon, and it was a Boeing 757, no question! Evidence has shown that this was impossible.

The plane that hit the Pentagon was smaller. 3 Remember, Peter Zalewski, the air traffic controller for the first two planes. He gave two unnecessary orders and helped the team that controlled the planes. In his testimony, this person had lied, giving the reason for the two orders. He stated that "the pilots wanted to climb quickly" while the communications transcript contains nothing such. This person is also Jewish. Peter Zalewski, air traffic controller It is surprising that most of the people who have produced false theories by showing themselves to be government critics were Jewish or Zionist. For example, Alex Jones, who runs the largest conspiracy radio "Infowars". Or Jim Hoffman, who quickly opened "" site. All these web sites do not report the great evidence I listed in these articles. There is no indication on the succession of the hijackings of the planes, nor on the two useless orders given by the controller Peter Zalewski, nor on the fact that the main structure of the towers was the core columns and not the exterior columns. Instead, they speak of many false theories. The people’s minds are filled with lots of scattered and unproven information. People's minds remain confused. At best, suspicion arises in the minds of those who are very much opposed to government. But the method in which the attacks were made is never explained. When I realized this in 2007, I started to leave these groups. Few minutes after the first plane hit its target, a woman from New Jersey picked up her binoculars and started looking at the North Tower. Suddenly, she sees five men taking pictures with the North tower burning in the background. They are happy, they are not shocked. She is surprised! She notes the license plate number, the model of the van, its white color, and she calls the police. When the police arrived, the men were gone. But on basis of the license number, model and color, the van is identified and stopped by the police in the afternoon. Five Israelis come out; the men visible in the image here above. The first words of the men are, "We are Israelis, we are not your problem, your problem is our problem, the problem is the Palestinians”. These men are held in custody for 10 weeks, then released and returned to Israel. I drop the details. Their van belonged to a moving company called “Urban Moving Systems”, founded on April 29, 1997. Sniffer dogs detect traces of bombs inside their van. On 9/11, the FBI questioned Dominik Suter, the director of Urban Moving Systems. Three days later, the FBI search for Suter again and cannot find him. He left for Israel.

The presence of bomb traces in their van and the fact that these people made souvenir photos with the North Tower on fire indicate a high probability that at least some of the bombs placed inside the towers were transported in this van. These persons arrived in Israel in late November 2001 and appeared on local television. They justify their presence and say, "we were there to document the events”. On the internet, these men are named “dancing Israelis”. 4 It is important to notice that their first statement “the problem is the Palestinians” means that these men have a problem with Palestinians and their presence in USA is related to that problem and they want to show Palestinians as terrorists who made these attacks. Because their first statement is free, without compulsion or indictment; it is their actual thinking expressed by their subconscious. Later, they remained as silent as possible. Some weeks later, in December 2001, Fox News published a series of reports in the United States called "The Israeli spy ring". The brief summary of the reports is as follows: In 2001, approximately 200 Israeli agents entered the United States and were captured. These included soldiers, Mossad agents and even art students from the University of Tel Aviv. These people worked on telecommunications and explosives. They tracked the Arab terrorists, they had foreknowledge of the attacks, but said nothing about to the United States. There is no information about their involvement in the attacks. Why does Fox News, one of the greatest propaganda media for Israel, make such a series involving Israel in these attacks? Information about the 5 Israelis was starting to go public. In order to eliminate doubts about this, Fox News made this journalistic series to present these people as "Israeli spy agents". Fox News insinuates that these people were aware of the events and gives the impression that Israeli agents knew everything. In short, Fox News has covered these perpetrators by touting them as excellent spy agents protecting people. Yes, these Israeli agents did the attacks of September 11, 2001. There were American Zionists, like Peter Zalewski or Doctor Bazant, who helped them. In the next part 5, we will examine the masterminds and sponsors who ordered to make the attacks. Mehmet Inan 1 Attacks of 9/11/2001 solved Part 5: The masterminds and sponsors by Mehmet Inan, MSc. To publish on Friday 9/11/2020. In 2004, David Ray Griffin, a so called truther, wrote a book called "The New Pearl Harbor". The subject described in this book is a group called "Project for the New American Century", PNAC. In summary, the thesis of the book is as follows: In their largest report, the members of this PNAC group listed the weapons that had to be developed for America to remain the greatest military power in the world in the next century. This document contains the following section: Further, the 2 process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor. In other words, Griffin's thesis is: The wealthy weapon dealers, members of this PNAC group, created with the help of the Saudis, the September 11 attacks to create a new Pearl Harbor and justify wars for sell more weapons. At the first reading, I thought that conspiracy theorists were targeting weapon dealers to blame them. Thinking that it is not necessary to make such attacks to sell weapons, I left the question aside. In 2015, on request of a victim's family, I reconsidered the PNAC. The PNAC was not a simple group of friends. It is a real association with offices, secretaries, meetings, lobbying, ...

The presentation of the group is as follows: "Project for the New American Century, 1150 Seventeenth Street, NW, Suite 150, Washington, DC 20036, telephone: (202) 293-4983 / Fax: (202) 293-4572. They are located few blocks from the White House. Among the members of the group we find Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, Levis Libby, John Bolton, ... ; all heavy members of Bush team. They are not only weapon dealers. They are much active in politics. This group was founded in 1997 and dissolved in 2006. Perfect for preparations before the attacks, and after to manage the consequences. From all their meetings, almost nothing is published. All their work remained secret. In such a group, the founders are important. The objectives of these founders are also those of the group. The founders are two of the biggest names in the Zionist Israeli lobby, William Kristol and Robert Kagan. The case of Robert Kagan is special; he is a member of Republicans and his wife is member of Democrats. Whichever party wins, they are in the US government. They use the US government as their own army. Robert Kagan's wife, Victoria Nuland, was the Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs during Obama presidency. These persons are the highest representatives of the Zionist Israeli lobby. Of course, their intention is to protect and strengthen Israel. That means the attacks of 9/11 are crimes of the Zionist Israeli lobby. That also means American citizen are not involved in 9/11, but they are also victims of this Zionist criminal lobby. 3 Why did Israeli lobby create this group in 1997? What was happening in Israel in 1997? Remember that in November 1995, Yitzhak Rabin, who negotiated peace with the Palestinians, was killed by a Jewish extremist. In 1996, elections were held in Israel. Israeli citizen voted for the killer's party, strengthened the camp of the murderer and brought the warmongers to power. Netanyahu became Prime Minister for the first time. Upon coming to power, war strategies were proposed, and decisions were made: There was a peace situation preventing Israel from using powerful weapons against the Palestinians; these sat at the peace negotiation table. The Israelis could not use weapons against people who wanted peace. It was necessary to change this situation and label Palestinians as terrorists. For that, it was necessary to make Muslims do big terror attacks. But at that time, entire Islamic world was pacified by the peace negotiations.

Even Bin Laden's voice no longer appeared. In this case, the attack will be made by Israelis and blamed on Muslims and Palestinians will be included therein. The subconscious statement of the dancing Israelis, “the problem is the Palestinians” confirms this will of blaming the Palestinians as terrorists. The order to make the September 11 attacks was given by the first government of Netanyahu in order to give the “terrorist image” to Palestinians. All evidence shows that the order was given in the first months of 1997. One of the first signs was the creation of the transportation company called Urban Moving Systems, on April 29, 1997. This was the starting point of the infrastructure for the attacks. In June 1997, the PNAC was created and the scenario for the attacks began to be designed. They nominated and elected George W. Bush as President of the United States in the 2000 elections. He is a weak personality; Bush would do whatever the PNAC presented him. When Bush era started on January 20, 2001, they put their plans into action. But the attacks should not be made immediately. Everything has a time. The time to commit such a false attack is the beginning of September. During these days, two-month vacation ends, schools are busy for opening, parents are preparing their children's schools. They cannot prepare for or participate in protests against governments. By choosing this date, PNAC members prevented any protest after the attacks. This is why they planned the attacks for the day of September 11. Tuesday was also selected to get one workday before and remove suspicion of bomb installation during weekend. In March 2001, elections were held in Israel. Netanyahu, the leader of the Likud party, suddenly left his place and gave it to Sharon for no reason. And Sharon became Prime Minister. Sharon had previously committed mass killings against Palestinians. After the future attacks of September 11, Sharon was in the best person to issue kill orders on Palestinians. If a complaint was filed against him and he was convicted, the loss would be an aged person at the end of his life, and the young Netanyahu would replace him for many years. In June 2001, some NGOs filed a complaint against Sharon in Belgium. The complaint was based on the 1993 law of universal jurisdiction still in force.

But European governments, dominated by Zionists, changed the law in 2002 so that it could not be used against Sharon. Ultimately, only divine justice arrested Sharon. In January 2006, this divine court sentenced him to a coma, and he died after eight years in coma. Netanyahu has been the Prime Minister of Israel since the coma of Sharon and has declared on every instance that he is against peace. All American and European governments cover all crimes of Israel. Let’s think as if we are Netanyahu. If we can make such huge attacks and no one blames us, is there any reason to stop such attacks? Of course, there is no reason. Since September 11, 2001, we can list 4 at least the following attacks as made by Israeli agents: Madrid 11/3/2004, London 7/7/2005, Nice (France) 14/7/2016. If you take a closer look, many other bombings have been made by Israelis. There aren’t several solutions to stop these attacks and wars. There is only one: making justice for all these attacks and arrest all actual killers. Unfortunately, as long as we Muslims remain silent, there will be no justice, such attacks will continue and turn into great wars. In fact, by remaining silent we condemn all of humanity to the oppressions of these Zionist murderers. And those who suffer the most from these oppressions are Muslims. If we do not want these wars, do not want to be blamed as terrorists, do not want that our children consider us as terrorists in the future, we must defend our rights and learn to work for world peace. It is very simple to stop this war trend: an association that defends Muslims or protects human rights can use this evidence to appeal to the United States court and demand that Muslims be acquitted for the September 11 attacks. Simply filing the application puts an end to all of this. Even if this American court does not recognize it, the court of conscience of all mankind will recognize these facts. That's enough to condemn the killers. Pending a responsible association, you can all individually act for justice be made. You can print and stick this poster to your window. 

by Mehmet Inan, MSc.