ASSAT Officially Launches during the SEA Summit

KONFRONTASI - ASEAN students in Turkey were conducted South East Asia Students' Summit (SEAS SUMMIT) january 25, 2020. At that time, they also declarated new assosiation that they called by ASEAN Students Association in Turkey (ASSAT). The summit took a place at Faith Sultan Mehmet University- Halic Campus. With the theme “Partnership towards Sustainable Future,” the summit focused on ASEAN itself and also several issues about humanitarian and democracy crisis such as in Kashmiris and Uyghurs.

Founded by some ASEAN student leaders in Turkey, ASSAT was officially launched during the hitea or networking session of the summit. The original members of ASSAT were Malaysian Student Association in Turkey (MASAT), PPI or Indonesian Student Association in Turkey, Thai Student Association in Turkey (TSAT) and Filipino Students in Turkey (FST). They officially welcomed the new members of the association: Singaporean students and Moro International Student Association (MISA), which signed the agreement after the official launching. A total of 127 students from different countries participated in the summit. Most of the participants are scholars from the ASEAN region.

Darlis Aziz, Chairman of the PPI Turki ex officio of vice director of the ASEAN Students Summit program, said that the Summit was an effort to strengthen solidarity among fellow ASEAN students in order to preserve sustainable cooperation going forward together as is the main topics were taken. Besides talking about ASEAN specifically, this Summit also raised humanitarian issues. some of the topics chosen were about the current situation related to the security and democracy crisis that occurred in ASEAN and also in neighboring countries themselves, such as Kashmir, Rohingya, and Uyghur, He’s said. ASSAT is the first ASEAN student’s Association outside of ASEAN itself.

The summit featured academic works and inquiries on ASEAN integration, situations of the Uyghur minorities in China, and the conflict situation in Kashmir, a region in-between India and Pakistan. Scholars and researchers including Jing Paz from Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University, Sara Lefsay from Ibnu Haldun University and Fahad Shahzad Waraich from Marmara University discussed their works on the said matters to the summit participants. The discussion result to respect between neighbor country and the conflict that occurred between neighbor country nowadays is because the lack of tolerance and mutual disrespect . Asean Countries and South China Sea Penninsula are multicultural area. There are a lot of religion, history and cultural inheritance. Therefore, tolerance is a main thing that should put forward in the post-modern and post-truth era.

Furthermore, the event also held a forum on contemporary issues in the Southern Philippines. Esnaira Salem from the Philippines comprehensively discussed the circumstances surrounding the autonomous governance in Bangsamoro Region. She also provided their assessment on the Bangsamoro youth. She offered a today’s solution that established in the long conflict in Moro that able to be a lesson for us to learn in whole Asean countries like the ethnics conflict that occurred in Rohingnya that still happens nowadays. Moreover, Fatchul Wachid from Indonesia, and Nur Atika from Malaysia explained the tactical advantage of ASEAN bloc to their respective home nations. Moderated by Nuzulul Qadar Abdullah from Singapore, the panelists highlighted the possible contributions that the youth from the region can do for their country and the ASEAN as a whole.

Special guests including the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Istanbul H.E. Imam As’ari, Fatih Sultan Mehmet University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Fahameddin Basar, and Ibnu Haldun University Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ozay graced the event. The Consulate General of the Philippines in Istanbul also sent Ms. Ruby Banson as their representative.[ian]