Asian Conference On Religions For Peace (Acrp)/ Religions For Peace-Asia

Solidarity Letter
His Eminence Cardinal Charles Bo and Religions for Peace Myanmar
for the Aspirations of the people of Myanmar
We, the multi-religious leaders of Religions for Peace Asia, sincerely express our solidarity to Your Eminence Cardinal Charles Bo, RfP Myanmar leaders, and the great people of Myanmar in your aspirations towards harmony, justice and peace, and quest for the sacredness of life.
Our hearts bleed with sorrow and grief as we continue to witness the cycle of violence, the disrespect to basic human rights, which plunge the entire country into uncertain future.
Our eyes swell with tears as we hear the lamentations of the innocents and the brave, the women and children, and communities in your unimaginable and inhumane condition of suffering and deprivation.
We admire the people of Myanmar for their conscientious spirit to struggle for democracy, human fraternity and common good.
We are particularly emboldened by your struggle for truth and Justice.
Inspired by your enduring spirit of the people of Myanmar;
Let the light of the Divine be our eyes, his Love our hearts, his Wisdom our intelligence, his Compassion our hands, and his Will our feet into the way of justice and peace.
Let the path of our multi-religious traditions of dialogue based on “deeply held and widely shared” beliefs direct our words, thoughts, and actions.

We are with you in your afflictions and hopes as we commit to do the following:
Call the attention of all stakeholders and the international community to do what is necessary for the common good of Myanmar;
Perform prayers and meditations for your intentions and the well-being of your great people and beautiful country;
Promote dialogue to better understand your situation and discern the message of the Divine in Asia;
Pledge to provide humanitarian support whenever possible.
May our tradition of interfaith silent prayer rings out in Myanmar so that order, justice and peace may soon prevail.
Tokyo, 26 March, 2021

Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin
Religions for Peace Asia
Rev. Dr. Nobuhiro Nemoto
Secretary General
Religions for Peace Asia