About The Lives Of Israel's Spies In Gaza

The 48-year-old Palestinian woman's husband was shot to death in 2012 by militants in the Gaza Strip for spying for Israel. A mother of seven, she herself was jailed by Gaza's Hamas rulers for aiding and abetting a spy — her husband.

The widow's account to The Associated Press gave a rare look into the secret espionage side of the war between Israel and the Hamas militant group.

The Islamic State Is Upset With The French Government's New Name For Them?

PARIS- ISIS, IS, the Islamic State, ISIL -- the international community can't seem to decide what to call the Islamic extremists who have been terrorizing the Middle East, and now the French government has announced it will use yet another name for them, which is reportedly upsetting the group.

Profile Muslims: Fox News Panel Goes on the Offensive

Konfrontasi - It’s the controversial plan that no one has the guts to talk about except us,” proclaimed the host of Fox News’ “Cashin’ In,” Eric Bolling, on Saturday.

The plan: profile Muslims to find terrorists.

“While the administration buries its head in the sand, we know how to find terrorists among us,” Bolling said. “Profile, profile, profile.”

Anti-Islamic Ads to Hit NYC Buses and Subway Entrances untill Next Week

NEW YORK- Anti-Islamic ads will begin appearing on 100 New York City buses as well as two subway entrances next week, the Associated Press reported.

One of the six approved ads shows an image of beheaded American journalist James Foley next to his killer:

The ads are paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative run by blogger Pamela Geller. The campaign highlights points about Islam ignored by government and media, she told the AP.

Pope Francis: No One Can Act as The "Armor of God"

Pope Francis

KONFRONTASI-During a trip to the mostly Muslim nation of Albania, Pope Francis rebuked militants who act in the name of religion, saying no one can act as the "armor of God."

The Pope lauded Albanians during a visit to the capital of Tirana, calling the Balkan nation one that proves "a peaceful and fruitful coexistence between persons and communities of believers of different religions is not only desirable, but possible and realistic."

Thailand could learn a lesson in transparency from Indonesia, its ASEAN neighbor

Transparency, or the lack of it, is providing a clear contrast between Southeast Asia’s two largest economies, one of which is cementing a well-deserved reputation for messy but peaceful democratic rule while the other is growing increasingly opaque under military control.

Malaysia: Leadership Vacuum at both State and National Levels Opens the Door

KONFRONTASI- The long-running political crisis in Malaysia’s Selangor state has shone a spotlight on what was thought to be an unlikely political phenomenon, the resurgence in power of the country’s nine sultans.

In particular, two of the sultans have refused to bend to parliamentary power.  They are Sultan Sarafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor and Tunku Ismail Idris of Johor. 

WIll The Pope Face Two Different Assassination Attempts This Week ?

Pope Francis could be gunned down on his home turf by jihadists on Wednesday — or blown up in Albania Sunday.  Remembered, Pope Francis waves to the crowd from his popemobile as he arrives for his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014.

As Agence France-Presse reported:

How To Profit From Washington’s Broken Promises

One of the biggest questions for US investors is how to protect your buying power in the fiat dollar regime.

The answer is simple.

Buy what can’t be inflated away. In a world of abundant money creation, buy tangible assets that are in scarce supply.

Not only will they protect your wealth… you can also profit as the value of the dollar falls.

That’s the recommendation from today’s guest author Rich Checkan, president and COO of Asset Strategies International.