No legal standing for US strikes in Syria: Rouhani

KONFRONTASI - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has censured US-led airstrikes against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Syria, calling the campaign an instance of military intervention.

Rouhani made the remarks among US editors and reporters in New York on Wednesday ahead of his address to the United Nations General Assembly this week.

The Iranian president said the strikes by the United States do not have “any legal standing" as the UN has not issued any mandates for intervention in Syria.

Impossible to exclude Iran from anti-ISIL campaign: Iraq

KONFRONTASI - Iraqi President Fuad Masum says it is impossible to freeze the Islamic Republic of Iran out of the US-led campaign against the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group, which is operating inside Iraq and neighboring Syria.

Speaking in a Wednesday interview with London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat ahead of the forthcoming 69th UN General Assembly in New York, the Iraqi leader underscored the need for Tehran’s active involvement in any regional initiative aimed at countering the ISIL.

Obama vows to destroy ISIL’s “network of death”

KONFRONTASI - President Barack Obama has promised at the United Nations that the US-led military camping against the ISIL Takfiri insurgents will destroy their “network of death.”

Speaking at the 69th United Nations General Assembly at United Nations Headquarters, Obama called on international community to be united in the fight against the terrorist group.

The US president also vowed that Washington will not be sending troops to occupy the countries in the region as part of its anti-ISIL campaign.

Muslims in millions prepare for Hajj in Saudi Arabia

KONFRONTASI - Millions of Muslims from around the world have gathered to perform this year’s Hajj ritual in Saudi Arabia, Press TV reports.

Less than two weeks ahead of the Hajj ritual in Mecca, many Muslims have already arrived in Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca to take part in the world Muslims’ largest annual gathering.

Before arriving in Mecca, the pilgrims perform certain rituals in order to enter the state of Ihram, a precondition for beginning the holy pilgrimage.

Pembubaran Petral Berpengaruh ke Neraca Pertamina

KONFRONTASI - Rencana pembekuan PT Petral secara jangka panjang dapat mempengaruhi neraca keuangan maupun aset yang dimiliki oleh PT Pertamina. "Karena sebelumnya ada investasi anak usaha (Petral) di Singapura, dan bila Petral dibekukan maka sekarang tidak ada, jadi itu berpengaruh ke Pertamina," kata Direktur Jenderal Kekayaan Negara Kementerian Keuangan (Kemenkeu) Hadiyanto di Jakarta, Rabu.

US-led coalition bombs ISIL near Syrian Kurdish town

KONFRONTASI - The United States and its Arab allies have reportedly carried out fresh airstrikes against the Takfiri ISIL terrorists near a Kurdish town in Syria.

According to the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the war in Syria, the US-led coalition carried out several attacks against the ISIL positions near the key Kurdish town of Kobani, also known as Ayn al-Arab, in the northern Syrian Province of Aleppo.

The raids were carried out just before and after midnight on Wednesday.

Iraq army counters ISIL attack on Baiji oil refinery

KONFRONTASI - The Iraqi army, backed by Sunni tribesmen and Shia volunteers, has countered an attack by the ISIL terrorist group on the country’s largest oil refinery.

The successful operation by the Iraqi army on Tuesday came after the Takfiri militants launched an attack on the Baiji refinery near the town of Tikrit in the northern province of Salahuddin.

Rouhani: Powers hegemony world’s biggest problem

KONFRONTASI - Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has referred to the hegemony imposed by the world powers as the biggest problem facing the world.

In a meeting with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in New York on Tuesday, Rouhani said, “Today’s world is faced with many problems, namely terrorism, violence, and environmental threats.”

“But the biggest problem is the great powers’ hegemony and injustice in today’s world.”

European ISIL numbers reaches 3,000

KONFRONTASI - The European Union says that the number of Europeans joining ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria has surged over the past few months.

Referring to the number of Europeans joining the ISIL, EU Counterterrorism Coordinator Giles de Kerchove said on Tuesday, "My own assessment is that we're about 3,000."

America mother of terrorism: Hezbollah chief

KONFRONTASI - The secretary general of Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has vehemently opposed an anti-terrorism US-led coalition, calling Washington the source of terrorism itself.

Speaking on Tuesday, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said he opposed the coalition announced by the US, "because America is the mother and source of terrorism and it is an ultimate supporter of Zionism."