25 January 2020


Iran's new Quds leader vows 'manly' revenge for Soleimani killing

KONFRONTASI-The newly appointed commander of Iran's elite Quds Force said the United States killed his predecessor, Qassem Soleimani, "in a cowardly way" and promised to "hit his enemy in a manly fashion".

Esmail Qaani made the remarks on Monday at an introduction ceremony held for him by top Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' (IRGC) commanders to mark the formal beginning of his tenure.

Ces Régions qui veulent se passer de la SNCF avec l’ouverture à la concurrence

KONFRONTASI -  L'ouverture à la concurrence des lignes TER dans les Hauts-de-France ?

‘We finally put a name and a face to this monster.’ DuPage officials ID killer of 16-year-old girl in 1976. Man, now dead, believed to be linked to other cases.

KONFRONTASI -  An unsolved string of killings of young suburban women in the 1970s frustrated police for decades. Now authorities in DuPage County believe that by cracking one of those cold cases, they may have uncovered the trail of a serial killer.

By digging up the remains of the suspect, and matching his DNA to the crime, investigators were able to identify Bruce Lindahl as the killer of 16-year-old Pamela Maurer in Lisle in 1976.

Les "zinzins" donneront finalement 6 milliards d'euros pour la French Tech

Une vingtaine d'investisseurs institutionnels, dont les assureurs, se sont engagés ce lundi matin à débloquer 6 milliards d'euros pour financer les startups de la French Tech en hyper-croissance. L'enveloppe a vocation à se répartir pour moitié entre les entreprises cotées et les sociétés non cotées.


par Anaïs Cherif


Springtime in winter

KONFRONTASI -   Rapeseed plants put on their springtime best as the yellow flowers bloomed early at Azumayama Park in Ninomiya, Kanagawa Prefecture. Visitors enjoyed the yellow of the blossoms in the warm winter light. On clear days, the park commands a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and Enoshima island from its summit, which is at an altitude of 136 meters and overlooks Sagami Bay.

Pédophilie dans l’Eglise : l’ex-père Preynat devant la justice

L’ancien prêtre, aujourd’hui âgé de 74 ans, est jugé à partir de lundi à Lyon pour agressions sexuelles sur mineurs.


Au Sahel, la France et ses alliés face à l’urgence djihadiste

KONFRONTASI -  Après un faux départ, c’est dans un climat un peu plus apaisé que le président français, Emmanuel Macron, réunit, lundi 13 janvier à Pau, ses cinq homologues du G5 Sahel (Mauritanie, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Tchad). Paris attend qu’ils confirment « explicitement » leur soutien à l’implication militaire française dans la région alors que l’année 2019 y a été marquée par une recrudescence et une mortalité inédites des attaques djihadistes.

‘I Lost My Legs’: Wounded in Iraq, He Sued Iran

Americans who lost limbs or loved ones in the Iraq war and fought to prove that General Suleimani played a role see justice in his death by a missile strike.


KONFRONTASI -   Chris Levi’s fellow soldiers were sure he was dead. The Humvee he commanded in Baghdad had been torn apart by a projectile, and so had his body. When he awoke several minutes later, he followed his training, trying to assess his injuries.

90% of urban Philippine population exposed to harmful air pollution

KONFRONTASI -   "To be honest with you, the fight for clean air is something personal to me. My son has asthma, and this happened so many years ago, and you can probably imagine how much worse pollution is right now in the country."

"From there on I said to myself, we should do something for the environment to avoid aggravation of such illnesses. Indeed, loss of life is enough reason for us to drive for an environmentally sustainable public transport system here in the Philippines."

Après Noël, Thales Alenia Space gagne ses étrennes avec l'obtention d'un nouveau contrat

L'opérateur espagnol de télécoms par satellite Hispasat a attribué à Thales Alenia Space (TAS) la construction d’Amazonas Nexus. C'est le quatrième satellite de télécoms gagné en six mois environ par TAS.