Trump’s Ghislaine Maxwell shout-out hit the reset button on his exploitative history with women

At President Trump’s news conference Tuesday, which was supposed to be about COVID-19, he was asked an easy question. Not about the pandemic. Not about reopening schools. About Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison by suicide one year ago, or so official reports say, before he could be tried on sex trafficking charges.
Maxwell was arrested this month and now sits in jail in Brooklyn, accused of helping Epstein recruit, groom and sexually abuse underage girls.

It’s over. Donald Trump is history.

By:  Prof. Robert Reich


It’s over. Donald Trump is history.

For millions of Americans – a majority, by almost 5 million popular votes – it’s a time for celebration and relief. Trump’s cruelty, vindictiveness, non-stop lies, corruption, rejection of science, chaotic incompetence, and gross narcissism brought out the worst in America. He tested the limits of American decency and democracy. He is the closest we have come to a dictator.

Joe Biden Accepts the Democratic Presidential Nomination: "Character Is on the Ballot"

KONFRONTASI -    While the 2020 Democratic National Convention looked very different from previous years, some traditional elements remained. Namely, concluding the week's events with a rousing speech from the nominee. On Thursday night, the final night of the convention, former Vice President Joe Biden accepted his party's nomination with a landmark address.

To you, Mr. Macron!

KONFRONTASI -     If what you watch in this video about Islam is a crisis in your eyes, yes Islam is deeply in crisis. A crisis that threats your materialistic, capitalistic, and hedonistic mind. 

But if you mean Islam is in crisis because of radical and extremists tendency, I simply suggest you to to go to the mirror and see your own face.

Would you say that your people, the White or Europeans, are in crisis because of the most dangerous threat posed by the White Supremacy worldwide?

Rouhani: ‘Insulting the Prophet is insulting all Muslims’

KONFRONTASI- Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has denounced France’s treatment of Islam, adding that Western support for cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad is unethical and insulting to Muslims.

In a televised cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the president said freedom must be accompanied by a respect for values and consideration of ethics.

“Westerners must understand the great Prophet of Islam is loved by all Muslims and freedom-lovers of the world,” Rouhani said.