Kim Sepakati Denuklirisasi Penuh di Semenanjung Korea

KONFRONTASI -  Presiden Amerika Serikat (AS), Donald Trump, dan Pemimpin Korea Utara (Korut), Kim Jong-un, menyatakan pertemuan bersejarah yang berlangsung di Hotel Capella,

Pulau Sentosa, Singapura, Selasa (12/6), merupakan terobosan hubungan bagi kedua negara yang selama ini bermusuhan. Namun, kesepakatan yang dihasilkan dari pertemuan itu tidak banyak merinci soal upaya denuklirisasi di Semenanjung Korea.

WASHINGTON : N.S.A. Breached North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack

WASHINGTON — The trail that led American officials to blame North Korea for the destructive cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in November winds back to 2010, when the National Security Agency scrambled to break into the computer systems of a country considered one of the most impenetrable targets on earth.

North Korea May Be Restarting Nuclear Plant With Bomb Making Capabilities

WASHINGTON (AP) — For the first time in nearly six years North Korea may be restarting a plant that can reprocess nuclear fuel into weapons-grade plutonium, a U.S. research institute said Wednesday.
The finding is based on analysis of recent commercial satellite imagery at the North's main Nyongbyon nuclear facility.

Xinhua: North Korean Internet, 3G mobile network 'Paralyzed'

(Reuters) - North Korea's Internet and 3G mobile networks were paralyzed again on Saturday evening, China's official Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday, with the North Korean government blaming the United States for systemic instability in the country's networks.

Internet connectivity had not returned to normal as of 21:30 local time, Xinhua reported, citing reporters in the country that had confirmed the situation over fixed telephone systems.

North Korea blames U.S. for Internet outages, calls Obama 'monkey'

(Reuters) - North Korea called U.S. President Barack Obama a "monkey" and blamed Washington on Saturday for Internet outages it has experienced during a confrontation with the United States over the hacking of the film studio Sony Pictures.

The National Defense Commission, the North's ruling body chaired by state leader Kim Jong Un, said Obama was responsible for Sony's belated decision to release the action comedy "The Interview", which depicts a plot to assassinate Kim.

North Korea Blames U.S. For Shutting Down Its Internet, Says Obama Was Behind 'The Interview' Release

(AP) — North Korea called President Barack Obama "a monkey" and blamed the U.S. on Saturday for shutting down its Internet amid the hacking row over the comedy "The Interview."

North Korea has denied involvement in a crippling cyberattack on Sony Pictures but has expressed fury over the comedy depicting an assassination of its leader Kim Jong Un. After Sony Pictures initially called off the release in a decision criticized by Obama, the movie has opened this week.

North Korea Supported by Kremlin Amid Sony Hack

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia on Thursday offered sympathy to North Korea amid the Sony hacking scandal, saying the movie that sparked the dispute was so scandalous that Pyongyang's anger was "quite understandable."
Washington failed to offer any proof to back its claims of Pyongyang's involvement in the hacking, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said at a briefing, adding that the U.S. threats of retaliation were "counterproductive."

Sony's 'Interview' draws U.S. moviegoers who trumpet free speech

(Reuters) - "The Interview," the Sony Pictures film about a fictional plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, opened in more than 300 movie theaters across the United States on Christmas Day, drawing many sell-out audiences and statements by patrons that they were championing freedom of expression.