France, Germany mull over independent financing system to sidestep US bans

KONFRONTASI - France and Germany are seeking to develop an independent European financing mechanism with the aim of sidestepping US sanctions against countries, including Iran, and asserting the continent’s “sovereignty.”

Speaking at a meeting with press association AJEF on Monday, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said Paris and Berlin are making joint efforts to develop either a European or a Franco-German financing system.

Britain, France and Germany agree support for Iran nuclear deal

KONFRONTASI-The leaders of Britain, France and Germany have agreed the Iran nuclear deal is the best way of stopping Tehran from gaining nuclear weapons, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said in a statement on Sunday.

May had phone calls with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel where they agreed the deal may need to be broadened to cover other areas such as ballistic missiles, what happens when the deal expires, and Iran’s destabilizing regional activity, the statement said.

Germany investigates 60 possible Islamists in armed forces

KONFRONTASI-Germany plans security investigations of all military recruits from July 2017 after its military counter-espionage service (MAD) identified 20 Islamists in the country's armed forces, German media group Funke reported on Saturday.

A spokesman for the agency confirmed the figure, adding that 60 additional potential cases were under investigation.

Germany accuses US of ‘economic war’

KONFRONTASI - A top German official says the United States has waged an ‘economic war’ against Deutsche Bank over its alleged sales of mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 financial crisis.

Peter Ramsauer, the chairman of the economics committee of the German parliament, told the media that Washington has what he described as a “long tradition” of waging trade wars, if they are favorable to the US economy.

The case of the Deutsche Bank is an example of that, Ramsauer said in an interview with Welt am Sonntag.

Germany warns of lone wolf, hit teams terror attacks

KONFRONTASI - Germany's interior minister has warned that the country is under the threat of foreign terrorist hit teams and domestic lone wolf attacks.

During a Saturday interview with the Bild newspaper, Thomas de Maiziere (seen below) said that Germany is the home of over 520 Daesh terrorists who are capable of engaging in individual attacks or in the form of organized “hit teams.”

Germany treads cautiously in court case to ban far-right party

KONFRONTASI-In his decade as a neo-Nazi skinhead in eastern Germany, Manuel Bauer says he beat up foreigners and disabled people, stabbed a cigarette in the eye of a 12-year old boy and assaulted a Muslim man and his pregnant German wife.

Bauer, who led two racist gangs, the "League of Aryan Fighters" and "Revenge Act", says groups like his carried out violence on behalf of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), which has a seat in the European Parliament and five seats in one of Germany's 16 state assemblies.

Germany to increase scrutiny of Syrian asylum applicants

KONFRONTASI-Germany will start holding personal hearings for asylum seekers from Syria as of Friday, an Interior Ministry spokeswoman told Reuters on Thursday, reversing a policy of granting almost automatic refugee status for Syrians.

Syrians have since the end of 2014 enjoyed a simplified asylum process, which has exempted them from personal hearings. Critics say this has allowed Islamic State to smuggle in militants to carry out attacks in Europe.

Refugees end up boosting European economies: Analysts

KONFRONTASI - The European Union’s border agency recently announced that well over 500,000 refugees have reached at the EU borders in 2015. This sudden influx has caused turmoil in European nations who are struggling to deal with the rising numbers of asylum seekers. Analysts say that if European countries grant them entry, they will probably end up boosting the lackluster economies of Europe.       

Austria, Germany open borders to migrants offloaded by Hungary

KONFRONTASI-Austria and Germany threw open their borders on Saturday to thousands of exhausted migrants from the east, bussed to the frontier by a right-wing Hungarian government that had tried to stop them, but was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people.

Left to walk the final stretch into Austria, rain-soaked migrants - many of them refugees from Syria's civil war - were whisked by train and shuttle bus first to Vienna and then by train to Munich and other cities in Germany.