Bahrain votes amid Shia boycott calls

KONFRONTASI-Polls have opened for Bahrain's legislative elections, the first since a 2011 uprising, but the Shia opposition that led the pro-democracy movement said it would not take part in the vote.

The elections are being contested without a compromise in sight between authorities in the Sunni-ruled monarchy and the opposition, as highlighted by the two sides in interviews on Friday.

The Gulf state's electorate of almost 350,000 is being called to choose 40 deputies, with most of the 266 candidates being Sunnis.

Tiga Aktivis Bahrain Divonis Penjara Puluhan Tahun

KONFRONTASI - Pengadilan Bahrain pada Kamis (20/11) menjatuhkan hukuman penjara terhadap tiga aktivis masing-masing sepuluh tahun atas tuduhan mendalangi serangan terhadap pasukan polisi pada bulan Agustus 2013. Demikian dilaporkan Press TV.

Pengadilan juga membatalkan kewarganegaraan para aktivis tersebut di bawah undang-undang kontroversial yang mengizinkan pengadilan Bahrain untuk mencabut kewarganegaraan orang-orang yang melakukan  tindakan "teroris" dan "merusak keamanan negara."

Bahrainis voice opposition to forthcoming elections

KONFRONTASI - The Bahraini people have taken to the streets on the Island of Sitra to express their opposition to upcoming elections in the Persian Gulf Arab state.

The anti-regime demonstrators on Wednesday chanted anti-monarchy slogans and pledged to boycott Manama's elections scheduled to be held on November 22. They also termed the elections a "sham".

Bahraini regime forces attacked the pro-democracy demonstrators with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Bahrain prisoners protest female activists arrest

KONFRONTASI - Bahraini political prisoners have gone on a hunger strike to protest the regime's detention of pro-democracy female activists in the Persian Gulf state.

The hunger striking prisoners in al-Hodh al-Jaf prison continued their protest, which started on Sunday, for the second straight day, Bahrain’s main opposition bloc al-Wefaq said on Monday.

According to the Bahraini opposition group, the prisoners issued a statement on Sunday, demanding the immediate release of the detained activists.

Rakyat Bahrain Tuntut Referendum

KONFRONTASI - Rakyat Bahrain kembali menggelar demonstrasi mendukung dilaksanakannya referendum di negara itu.

Tasnim News (2/10) melaporkan, warga di sebagian besar wilayah Bahrain, Kamis (2/10) malam dalam aksinya akan menunjukkan dukungan atas prakarsa sebagian partai politik negara itu untuk menyelenggarakan referendum. Mereka juga menekankan urgensi berlanjutnya revolusi sampai tercapai apa yang dicita-citakannya.

Analyst: Bahrain corrupt regime on brink of collapse

A political commentator has questioned the legitimacy of the Bahraini government, saying the Al Khalifa regime is teetering on the brink of collapse, Press TV reports.

“The regime makes up charges to arrest those who oppose the monarchical dictatorship; and with the oppressive life sentences. This is ridiculous,” Colin Cavell, an author and lecturer, told Press TV in a Wednesday interview, adding, “The regime indicates its instability. It indicates that it is on its last days.”