20 June 2019

Bundaran HI bus stop resumes operation after five-year closure

KONFRONTASI -  Bundaran HI Transjakarta bus stop in Central Jakarta began operating on Monday after a five-year hiatus, it is now integrated with the Bundaran HI MRT station.

The bus stop was demolished in 2014 to make way for the MRT construction. The MRT was inaugurated on Sunday.

The station is connected by 63 steps leading to the underground MRT station.

The bus stop has also been upgraded with ornamental walls, tactile paving for the disabled, as well as automatic doors.

Bundaran HI bus stop serves corridors 1 Blok M – Kota; 6A Ragunan - Monas via Kuningan; 6B Ragunan - Monas via Gatot Subroto; 9B Pinang Ranti – Kota; as well as the midnight buses M6 Ragunan - Harmoni and M7 Kampung Rambutan - Harmoni.

A regular Ciputat-Tosari ( S21 ) Transjakarta passenger Andrea hoped that the new Bundaran HI bus stop would relieve the Tosari bus stop as previously most passengers had to get off and on at the Tosari bus stop.

“Tosari bus stop is really full now. With the Bundaran HI bus stop now operating maybe it will reduce crowding here,” Andrea said.

Andrea said that Tosari bus stop was usually packed in the afternoon and the long queues meant passenger progress was slow.

Bundaran HI bus stop, like Tosari bus stop, uses a pelican crossing rather than a skybridge.

Prior to the 2018 Asian Games, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan demolished the previous footbridge at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle and replaced it with a pelican crossing.

The pelican crossing is located between Plaza Indonesia and Pullman Hotel. (Jft/The jakartaPost)



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