10 April 2020

Indian monkey revives knocked fellow

KONFRONTASI - A monkey in India has reanimated an almost dead friend by knocking him and dropping him in water.

A video of the monkey’s splendid job has gone viral on the Internet after passengers at Kanpur rail station in northern India filmed the incident with joy and excitement.

An unlucky monkey was electrocuted when he was walking on high tension wires. He then fell down on the rails and lost consciousness until another friend jumped in to rescue him. The unconscious monkey was resuscitated after the fellow-monkey nibbled him and dragged him for 20 minutes.

However, some have suspected that the monkey had the intention to rescue his friend, attributing the move to some common behaviors in the primates when they see a member of their group die. They say that the incident in India can open a new chapter in the scientific study of the primates and their reactions to social life.

Tens of thousands of monkeys live in large Indian cities, causing havoc for the urban population. Indian officials have vowed to counter the rising number of the animal despite opposition by animal right activists.[ptv]



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