23 August 2019

Gallup, Jokowi, And Sri Mulyani

By Djoko Edhi Abdurrahman



Jokowi slope into orbit is done from America, processed James Riyadi. Then enter Gallup Polling, spread through it. Whether Gallup’s research is true, nobody knows.

Suddenly it has spread and become a source of news. Some who in the name of Gallup about the greatness of Jokowi, denied. It’s weird. Generally if there is Gallup, on the other side there must be Harris Polling. That’s the confirmation.

But if it’s a top Freemason order, anything can happen: Gallup is alone without Harris. Meaning without data confirmation. The American way is always at least a pair of researchers in polling as a check and balanced public opinion intervention. That way ,, find out where the release of bodong, where data is wrong, where data is manipulated, where research is false.

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There, nothing is forbidden to do origin not domestically. All halal in America to dictate the Islamic state. Required help. From Gallup, pop up rating to make Jokowi great. But I did not read anything that comes from Harris Polling, and or Data Metre. I know it’s the work of the Freemasons (the Jewish underground club which in 2007 contained 286 of the world’s top companies).

But, 5 months Jokowi ascended the throne, he had crossed to Beijing, betrayed to the US. Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is pioneering the establishment of AIIB (ASIA Infrastructure Investment Bank), immediately accepted Jokowi’s proposal for 14 promised infrastructure projects in the presidential election of 50 billion USD.

The proposal was approved in Beijing without a revision step. But Jokowi was asked to sign the establishment of AIIB to accompany India and China as a pioneer. At that time, Xi’s share was 58% in AIIB. With the inclusion of Indonesia, Xi claimed sufficient terms of establishment of AIIB because it embraced half the inhabitants of the earth (India, China, Indonesia).

Previously Xi had initiated two creditor banks: BRICK in Africa, and Broncho Del Sur in Latin America. These three banks are the network of OBOR (one belt one road from the new politics Silk Road). All three of these banks will also support Renmimbi which was then approved by Christen Lagarde (IMF Director) and President Obama to enter the new world currency basket after USD and Euro.

All three banks to compete with Western financial institutions (IMF, WB, ADB). Jokowi also obtained the order of Xi to expel Western Finance from Indonesia at the Asia Africa Summit in Bandung. So Jokowi’s stern speech which abuses Western financial institutions at the AA summit.

On October 24, 2014, AIIB was inaugurated. In October there was a change that made Xi’s infrastructure credit unfeasible. Until the end of Finance Minister Bambang, only 10% are liquid. At first, France entered AIIB, followed by England, then all of Europe. The second wave, the whole of Asia Pacific, minuses Japan, Austalia, and South Korea.

The third wave of the IMF and ADB goes AIIB. Until now, only America and WB are not entering. The reason, if the AIIB fall, all countries feel the consequences. As a result, Xi shares become a minority, and credit 14 infrastructure projects Jokowi come to a halt.

Knowing the ambitions of China that in 2014 exports have surpassed America, Taper Tantrum played by the issue of interest rate of the Fed. It beat the emerging market in the money market. Because Jokowi did not understand anything, came his monumental statement “Soon skyrocketing!”. Until today has not skyrocketed, but nyungsep from 6% to 5% (growth: report cards red).

Not working with the Taper Tantrum attack, on 6th, 7th, 8th August 2015, the Shanghai stock exchange market was attacked. Rp 36 thousand trillion evaporated from that market within 3 days. 26 of China’s richest people are poor.

Since Jokowi’s speech at the Asia Africa Summit that attacked Western financial institutions, Jokowi managed to upset the IMF, WB, ADB. The three institutions tightened the credit. Cilaka. While Xi was financially troubled by the attack on the Shanghai Market, while Xi’s ambition to monopolize AIIB failed because all countries entered AIIB and made his shares a minority in AIIB. China cut its growth projection from 7.4% to 7.1%, realizing 6.7% by 2015, revaluing its assets and currency.

The exchange rate crisis due to the Fed’s issue in emerging markets, makes Jokowi a nip by the weakening rupiah exchange rate. That is, credit from China is not liquid (whose schedule starts in 2016), can not be advanced, the West sulked because it was betrayed, did not want to help, and because also the finances of Indonesia is not worthy of credit.

While the budget deficit exceeds 3% of GDP, LBP creates the idea of ​​Tax Amnesty. The idea of ​​false: there are 11,000 trillion Indonesian money in Tax Heaven (Singapore, Lexemburg, Hong Kong, Dubai, Switzerland, Cayman Island, etc), until now there is no money. It was an idea that was born because China and the West would not want to donate for deficit, where the budget deficit of Rp 166 trillion, need a loan of Rp 600 trillion to be free from the iron law of fiscal Law No. 17 that can mengimpeacht.

There is no other way, spit should be licked again. Jokowi’s criticism and betrayal of Western financial institutions must be restored. Only one way: West can forgive with one condition, Managing Director of World Bank Sri Mulyani made Minister of Finance.

Djoko Edhi Abdurrahman (Member of DPR Law Commission 2004 – 2009, Advocate for Nahdlatul Ulama Legal Aid Institute, PBNU).(KONF/TELUSUR)



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