29 January 2020

Brazil’s incumbent president narrowly wins election

KONFRONTASI - Incumbent Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has secured over 51 percent of the presidential vote, narrowly winning the run-off election in the South American country.

On Sunday, official results of the presidential election in Latin America's largest economy and most populous country showed Rousseff led opposition leader Aecio Neves by 51.6 to 48.4 percent of the vote, Reuters reported.

“Thank you very much," Rousseff, who will remain in power for another four years, tweeted after the victory.

    "We are voting for a more equal Brazil with more opportunities," Rousseff, of the Workers Party, said in the southern city Porto Alegre, where she cast her ballot.

While Brasilia was witnessing the celebrations of the incumbent leftist’s supporters in front of a hotel where she was due to deliver a speech, Sao Paulo, a stronghold of Neves' Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB), was in a subdued mood.

The government would try to lead "a national reconciliation process given how tight the result was," Ideli Salvatti, one of Rousseff's top ministers, said, adding,  "We have to calm our hearts down first and then get back to work tomorrow."

More than 140 million Brazilians turned out to vote on Sunday. The left-leaning Rousseff enjoys the support of the poor, due to her party’s social welfare programs. Her government’s policies have helped pulling about 40 million Brazilians out of extreme poverty.

The center-right Neves is popular among wealthy Brazilians who want him to put the economy back on track.

Neither candidate could secure an absolute majority in the first round on October 5.

During the first round, Rousseff secured 41.5 percent and Neves received 33.5 percent of the votes.

Rousseff, 66, was elected Brazil’s first female president in 2010. Her Workers Party has been ruling since 2002.[presstv]



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