Boris Johnson’s trade secretary wants to do business with an illegal regime

KONFRONTASI -  During a visit to Algiers yesterday, UK Secretary of State for International Trade Conor Burns welcomed the political will of the Algerian authorities for foreign investment, reflected in the lifting of the constraints of the 49/51 ownership rule. However, the Algerian government is rejected by the majority of the Algerian population, its legal legitimacy ended on the 9th of July, after which, an 80 years old Ceaușescu wannabe effectively took control of the country.

A sinister repression apparatus is being put in place in the country, evidenced by the increase of arbitrary arrests carried out by the Algerian secret service; hundreds are unlawfully held in custody simply for participating in the pro-democracy demonstrations. According to Said Sadi, the RCD party chief, the increase of arrests is a carefully crafted strategy designed to create a climate of fear and weaken the pro-democracy protests before the scheduled presidential election.

Lately, the Algerian authorities have been responsible for serious human rights abuses and attacks on free speech. While Conor Burns was discussing trade with the Algerian government, another political opponent was “kidnapped” in broad daylight by secret service police, it is unclear whether the opponent was tortured in custody.

It is also unclear whether Conor Burns was briefed on the situation in the country prior to his visit.

Barry Lowen, the U.K’s ambassador to Algeria happens to be a close friend of Boris Johnson, he is the subject of an upcoming Algiers Herald investigation, in which we will examine how the envoy perverted the course of justice, in a case that opposes a former employee to the Embassy of Algeria in the U.K, an offence that carries a heavy custodial sentence. The embassy itself will be the subject of a separate report, in relation to acts of immigration and education fraud carried out by its management.

Barry Lowen (left) is seen in talks with oligarch Ali Haddad (right); Ali Haddad is currently incarcerated at El Harrach’s penitentiary, he stands accused of embezzling public funds and bribing state officials.

This last stunt by Boris Johnson only demonstrates the extent to which the tory government is panicking, particularly in a context of Brexit negotiations in complete shambles. It demonstrates how low Boris Johnson is willing to take Britain, for the benefit of his billionaire cronies. What Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to comprehend is that the pro-democracy demonstrators in Algeria are just about warming up.(Jft/AlgiersHerald)