17 September 2019


U.S. Says China Is Blocking Trillions in Oil and Gas, Will Send Navy for Asia Drills

KONFRONTASI-The United States has accused China of preventing Southeast Asian countries from accessing trillions of dollars worth of untapped oil and gas reserves in the South China Sea as the Pentagon planned to hold its first exercise with regional powers near the strategic region.

PA chief says millions of Palestinian ‘fighters’ will enter Jerusalem al-Quds

KONFRONTASI - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says millions of Palestinian “fighters” will one day enter the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds, as the occupied territories belong to the Palestinians and they shall remain there forever.

Dr M: Zakir Naik ‘will be killed’ in India, but other countries can take him if they want

KONFRONTASI -   Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad alleged today that Dr Zakir Naik runs the risk of being killed if the controversial televangelist is deported back home to India to face charges of money laundering and inspiring terrorism.

How can Pakistan help Afghan peace?

KONFRONTASI - Pakistani troops have fired hundreds of rockets on the border points of Afghanistan since the last day of Eid in last week. The rockets that were reportedly fired from Pakistan’s Bajawar area, hit the Shultan district of Kunar province which borders Pakistani tribal regions.

The attacks come at a time that officials in Islamabad are trying to convince both Afghan government and the United States about their honest assistances with the peace process to put an end to the two-decade of war (after the collapse of Taliban government in 2001).

Mekong nations set up group for environmental impact assessments

KONFRONTASI -   Officials and civil society representatives from across the Mekong region have agreed to establish a working group to develop a regional public participation guideline for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) this week in Hanoi, Vietnam.

In a statement released Thursday, the Mekong Regional Technical Working Group for EIA brings together governments, civil society organisations (CSOs), and will expand to cover private sector and EIA experts to improve regional cooperation for effective EIA policy and practices. 

Zakir Naik says sorry for ‘misunderstanding’ after backlash, denies he is racist

KONFRONTASI -  Fugitive preacher Dr Zakir Naik apologised today for causing any “misunderstanding” after being questioned twice by the police for his alleged racial and religious remarks during a recent lecture in Kelantan.

The India-born man wanted in his home country for allegedly funding terror activities also said racism is “evil” and denies he is racist as claimed, adding in a statement that he does not want anyone to harbour “ill feelings” towards him.

Donald Trump: US military presence depends on situation

KONFRONTASI -   In a reaction to the US President, Donald Trump’s recent remarks on US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the government says that the foreign troop presence in the country depended on security situation.

Trump had said that he would decrease the number of US troops to less than 13,000, but intelligence will be remained in Afghanistan.

President Ghani’s Spokesman, Seddiq Seddiqi on Monday said that Afghanistan should not be a threat to West and Afghans after the peace agreement.

Trump says Google manipulated 2016 vote; Clinton hits back

KONFRONTASI - Former US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has rejected a claim by President Donald Trump that Google changed the outcome of their 2016 White House battle by manipulating millions of votes in her favor.

"Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election!" Trump said in a tweet on Monday.

Rajiv reported allegation of corruption in PJ

KONFRONTASI - Bukit Gasing State Assembyman Rajiv Rishyakaran lodged a report to MACC to open an investigation paper related to a proposed annual maintenance work for a building in Petaling Jaya.

The state assembyman posted on his Facebook page citing that a whistleblower within MBPJ had come forward and informed him that there were power abuse and corruption in a proposed annual maintenance work.

NA mulls cutting road fees

The market price of petroleum would have to be accepted for the petrol price stabilisation fund to be removed. Photo baogiaothong.vn

KONFRONTASI -   The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee has proposed removing the road maintenance fund and petrol price stabilisation fund.