22 August 2019


There are 10 Times People In India Spoke Up To Save The Environment

KONFRONTASI - Pollution is one of the biggest problems that humans are facing right now. What is worse is that we are ignorant about how much it is actually affecting us! It's scary that what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, future generations will have it much worse. 

Serious tram accident in Casablanca

KONFRONTASI - Another unfortunate tram incident occured in Casablanca on December, 5th 2018.

A truck hit a tramway causing this latter not only to run off the rails, but also a significant property damage as the front of the tram was completely destroyed.

The tragedy took place at the Boulevard La Resistance, according to local witnesses.

The toll stood at 6 wounded, including a woman in a serious condition.

The drivers of both vehicles were among the victims. Both were transported to Ibn Rochd Hospital.(Jft/TheMaroccoTimes)

Boris Johnson wins race to become Britain's next PM

KONFRONTASI -  Boris Johnson won the race to become Britain's next prime minister on Tuesday, but will face a confrontation over Brexit with Brussels and members of his own party as well as a tense diplomatic standoff with Iran.

The former London mayor easily beat his rival, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, in a poll conducted among members of the governing Conservative Party.

He is expected to be confirmed as prime minister today, when his predecessor Theresa May formally tenders her resignation to Queen Elizabeth II.

PM urges Lào Cai to develop in a sustainable way

KONFRONTASI - Lào Cai must strive towards sustainable and inclusive tourism development, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc told attendees at the northern mountainous province’s trade, investment and tourism promotion conference, which took place on Saturday.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib says she will keep fighting until Trump is impeached

KONFRONTASI - US Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib, one of the four minority lawmakers targeted in President Donald Trump’s recent racisit tweets, has vowed to hold her ground and fight the Republican head of statement until he is impeached.

"I'm not going nowhere, not until I impeach this President," Tlaib said at the NAACP annual convention in Detroit on Monday.

The Sufi Frida Kahlo: Islamic spirituality in sculpture and photography

KONFRONTASI -  Maïmouna Guerresi, an Italian-born artist who converted to Islam and joined the Murid Muslim community in Senegal, Africa, explores cultural diversity, Islamic spirituality and mysticism, and the roots between mother and child in her striking sculptural and photographic work. Explore some of her powerful work, and learn more about her in her interview with Muslima curator Samina Ali.Samina Ali: You are a sculptor, video artist, and a photographer.

17 dead in Somalia bomb blast claimed by Shabaab militants

KONFRONTASI - Seventeen people have been killed and more than two dozen wounded when a car bomb exploded in Mogadishu, the latest deadly attack on Somalia's capital claimed by al-Shabaab militants.

The blast, near a security checkpoint on the main road to the international airport, reverberated throughout the city and sent massive plumes of black smoke into the air.

Touching the face of God through the Sufi dance

KONFRONTASI - People spend time during Ramadan in various ways, one of which is practicing the Sufi dance.

The dance was created by Mawlana Jalaludin Rumi and shown for the first time in Anatolia, Turkey, in the 13th century and it has become an extracurricular activity at the Nurul Hidayah AlMubarokah Islamic Boarding School in Boyolali’s Sempu village in Central Java.

Instructor Musa Asngari said the dance helped students gain tranquility, focus on their interests and promote their physical health through movement.

Check out these Kyoto tours before everybody else joins them

KONFRONTASI -   It's no secret that Kyoto is overrun with tourists these days, but there are still ways to enjoy scenic sites in this historic city far away from the madding crowd.

Travel agencies are aggressively promoting summer tours that allow visitors to take in the beauty of moss and green maple leaves.

The signature seasons for sightseeing in Kyoto are spring and autumn, which feature cherry blossoms and changing colors of foliage, respectively.

Truck v bus: Horrifying near miss through busy Warkworth road

KONFRONTASI -   Horrifying footage has emerged of a near-miss between a reckless driver of a small truck and a shocked bus driver on a motorway near Warkworth.

Video taken at the bottom of Windy Ridge on State Highway 1 shows the driver of a small truck performing a highly dangerous overtaking manoeuvre on double yellow lines.

The driver is seen overtaking a truck and trailer, veering into the opposite lane and nearly colliding with an oncoming bus.