22 November 2019


New York: JPMorgan Breach Is 'Crisis Point' For Banks

LOS ANGELES (AP) — New details on a cyberattack against JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s computer servers this summer add to increasing doubts over the security of consumer data kept by lenders, retailers and others.

The New York-based bank disclosed Thursday that the breach compromised customer information pertaining to roughly 76 million households and 7 million small businesses.

About education under the Islamic State?

For the residents of Raqqa, life has drastically changed since militants of the Islamic State (IS) group turned the Syrian city into their headquarters. Syria Deeply reports that since the town fell under IS rule, women are forced to wear black and cover their faces. Cigarettes and alcohol are forbidden. Public floggings and executions are now common.

Hong Kong: Police had Failed to Protect Students from Violence.

HONG KONG -- Tensions in Hong Kong erupted into violent conflict on Friday as residents attempted to forcibly dislodge pro-democracy demonstrators from the streets that they have held all week. On Friday evening, the Hong Kong Federation of Students, one of the main organizers of the protests, postponed a planned dialogue with city officials, arguing that police had failed to protect students from violence.

Hospitals in northern Israel have spent about $10 million

Hospitals in northern Israel have spent about $10 million treating wounded Syrians, some of whom are believed to be combatants, according to the Israeli media and a health ministry financial report.

The Bold and ‘Courageous’ Move Iraqi Christians Made in the Face of Islamic State Terror

BAGHDAD- Just one day after addressing terrifying claims that Islamic State militants are just miles from Baghdad — the Iraqi city where he has served since 1998 — Canon Andrew White, vicar of St. George’s Anglican Church, announced that he baptized five Christians in the Iraqi capital.

“I have baptized five people today. One of the Christian politicians came to me and pleaded with me to Baptize a mother and her four children,” White said on his Facebook page Wednesday. “I listened to them and it was clear they all loved Jesus. I therefore baptized them all.”

Islamic Terrorist Groups seems to be Blossoming. How Islam Is Ambushing the West?

BAGHDAD-Befitting the usual scheme of the Obama Administration and their partners, the world is in for a surprise, other Muslim terrorist outfits are popping up on the horizon.

Such diversion technique is constantly used by the American Administration. Whenever there is a crisis disturbing their agenda, whether it is immigration, the Islamic issue or other, they always manage to conveniently upstage it with another crisis.

Panetta blames US withdrawal from Iraq for rise of ISIL

KONFRONTASI - Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta criticizes the Obama administration for failing to maintain US troops in Iraq, saying the policy failure caused the country to become a haven for ISIL terrorists.

In his forthcoming memoir “Worthy Fights” to be published on October 7, Panetta blamed the White House for the collapse of 2011 negotiations with Baghdad on the US military presence in Iraq, according to excerpts of the memoir published by the Time magazine.

Hong Kong: China’s Liaison Office Presumed to Call the Shots

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive CY Leung acts on the advice of the director of the China Liaison Office, Zhang Xiaoming. There is no point asking Leung to resign as he really is powerless on policy matters. That’s the reality.

At the ceremony for China’s National Day, director Zhang dismissed the student protests outside with indifference, saying “The sun rises as usual.” The early riot police teargas attack on the protests is believed by many locals to have been done on instructions from the CLO to nip the student movement in the bud. It failed.

Hong Kong: The ‘Umbrella Revolution’ Leave Lasting political Fallout in Hong Kong and China

Wherever the Hong Kong protests end up, whether in some minor concession by Beijing, direct intervention by authorities or, most likely, the gradual retreat of the demonstrators, the street action will leave the political career of Chief Executive CY Leung on the brink of ruin and that of President Xi Jinping damaged.

Any Turkey military action aggression: Syrian deputy FM

KONFRONTASI - Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad has warned against any military action against the crisis-hit Arab country by neighboring Turkey.

The Syrian diplomat said late on Thursday that any military action by Turkey inside Syria’s territory will be considered an act of aggression. His comments came after the Turkish parliament approved a motion allowing the government to launch attacks inside Syria and Iraq.