21 November 2019


French satellite operator Eutelsat censors pro-democracy TV channel

KONFRONTASI -  Eutelsat has been accused of accommodating the Algerian military junta, after an opposition channel, “Al Magharibia”, was effectively cut off without prior notice. Al Magharibia is popular amongst Algerians for its comprehensive coverage of the ongoing pro-democracy protests, and broadcasts from France. The channel is often praised by pro-democracy demonstrators to the chants of “Al Magharibia is the channel of the people!” during the weekly protests.

Le constat d’échec de la justice dans la prévention des homicides conjugaux

KONFRONTASI -  En décidant de rendre public, dimanche 17 novembre, le rapport de l’Inspection générale de la justice sur les homicides conjugaux, Nicole Belloubet, garde des sceaux, dévoile sans fard ce qui cloche dans la détection des signes annonciateurs de ces crimes. Et le constat est alarmant tant du côté des services de police et de gendarmerie, que du côté des magistrats, des services pénitentiaires ou même des services sociaux ou médicaux. « Très clairement, ça ne va pas.

Climate crisis: What we need is not radical speech, but radical action


Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish girl who began the school climate strike movement with a solitary protest a year ago has become internationally recognized. She has since gone onto speaking at the United Nations Climate Change Summit, met with world leaders, appeared in US Congress and is currently on a global journey to lead youth climate change protests in 161 countries.

China's PLA soldiers on Hong Kong streets in 'voluntary' clean-up

KONFRONTASI-Soldiers belonging to China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) have briefly left their barracks to help Hong Kong residents clean up debris left over from anti-government demonstrations in a rare and highly symbolic troop movement unsolicited by the city's embattled government.

Saturday's action saw scores of soldiers from the garrison sporting crewcuts and identical gym kits conduct a lightning-quick removal of bricks and debris near their base, the AFP news agency reported.

Confirming the brief deployment on Weibo, China's Twitter-like social media platform, the PLA said it acted to open a debris-strewn road outside their Kowloon Tong barracks to traffic, winning "applause from residents" in the process.

A city spokesman meanwhile said the Hong Kong government did not request assistance from the PLA, which has previously stayed confined to its garrison during months of protests, but the military initiated the operation as a "voluntary community activity".

The presence of PLA troops on Hong Kong's streets could stoke further controversy over the Chinese-ruled territory's semi-autonomous status.

Demosisto, a pro-democracy organisation, said Saturday's clean-up operation could set a "grave precedent" if the city's government invites the military to deal with internal problems, the Reuters news agency reported.

The developments followed some of the worst violence seen during more than five months of anti-government demonstrations after a police operation against protesters at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on Tuesday.

The authorities have since largely stayed away from at least five university campuses that had been barricaded by thousands of students and activists who stockpiled petrol bombs, catapults, bows and arrows and other weapons.

Many protesters appeared to have left the campuses by late Saturday, though some remained behind to man barricades. Hong Kong's Cross-Harbour Tunnel was still blocked by protesters occupying Polytechnic University.

Algiers responds

KONFRONTASI  -   “Ache3b yourid iskat Gaid Salah” (the people want the fall of Gaid Salah), chanted millions of demonstrators today across Algeria, others demanded the election be held in the United Arab Emirates, a reference to the army’s chief alleged obscure liaisons with the Middle-Eastern countr

Pourquoi les musulmans seront majoritaires après 2050

KONFRONTASI -  Il y aura presque autant de musulmans que de chrétiens en 2050. Les projections du centre de recherche américain Pew publiés en avril ont en effet montré que le nombre de musulmans augmente plus que deux fois plus rapidement que le reste de la population mondiale dans la période 2010-2050.

Islam et avenir des religions dans le monde : les perspectives démographiques à l'étude

Lors du colloque à Turku, Conrad Hackett, directeur associé du Pew Research Center (PRC) a présenté les principaux résultats des recherches publiées ces dernières années par le PRC sur l'avenir des religions dans le monde. © Religioscope


Pour l’anniversaire du mouvement, les « gilets jaunes » espèrent remobiliser

KONFRONTASI -   Les « gilets jaunes », qui peinent à mobiliser ces derniers mois, ont battu le rappel des troupes pour le premier anniversaire du mouvement social ce week-end, notamment à Paris, où les autorités s’attendent samedi à l’afflux de « plusieurs milliers » de personnes, dont des manifestants radicaux. Il y a longtemps qu’un week-end de « gilets jaunes » n’avait pas connu autant d’effervescence : plus de 200 actions (tractages, manifestations, occupations de ronds-points) ont été programmées, selon une liste publiée sur Facebook.

Big jets ready to airlift Taiwanese from HK: report

KONFRONTASI -    Taiwan’s education ministry said on Friday that more than 500 students had returned to the island on flights chartered by the government, almost half the total number of Taiwanese students enrolled in universities in Hong Kong in the current academic year.

Of all the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, the Chinese University has the most Taiwanese students. Its campus in the New Territories was also the hardest-hit by the intensifying clashes between anti-government protesters and the police, which started on Monday.

Clinton advises Trump to ignore impeachment and focus on the job he was hired for

KONFRONTASI - Former US President Bill Clinton has advised President Donald Trump to ignore impeachment and focus on the job he was hired for.

“My message would be, look, you got hired to do a job," Clinton said during a phone interview with CNN on Thursday. "You don't get the days back you blow off. Every day is an opportunity to make something good happen.